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Jul 30, 2009 03:03 PM

Help with sushi in DC

I am coming to the area in August and am looking for a fantastic sushi place, something that has the more exotic offerings. Any hints?

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  1. In terms of pure freshness and variety, you should check out Sushi Taro's sushi bar, it's only 6 seats, and you have to reserve by e-mailing them directly. It's $100 per person but you will have your pick of the most variety of seafood offered in the DC area, including fresh fish flown in from Japan. It's actually a 10 course omakase but how much sushi and sashimi you want is up to you.

    Other possibilities: Sushi Ko, Kaz, Kotobuki (Palisades, NW), Tachibana (in McLean, VA).