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Jul 30, 2009 02:55 PM

Need help from the Babbo pasta experts

I'm going for the sixth or seventh time Friday. I want to try a new pasta and am in desparate need of advice from the experts that have been to Babbo many times. I have already had:

Goose Liver Ravioli (my favorite)
Pumpkin Lune (excellent)
Goat Cheese Tortellini (excellent)
Mint Lover Letters (very good)
Beef cheek ravioli (very good)
Maccheroni alla Chitarra (only ok)

I want to try something else. I like everything and appreciate the more nuanced pastas. I'm considering almost everything other pasta and have mixed reviews from others on:

Gnocchi with Braised Oxtail
Spaghettini with Lobster
Garganelli with mushrooms
Lamb’s Brain “Francobolli”
Stinging Nettle Pappardelle w Wild Boar (did this replaced Chianti stained papparedelle?)
Pappardelle Bolognese
Linguine with Clams, Pancetta and Hot Chiles
Black Spaghetti with Mussels, Spicy Salami Calabrese and Green Chiles

I really need expert advice. the Gnocchi and chianti stained papparedlle get the next most pub, but experts, like kathryn, seem not to love it.

I need help. If you've been to Babbo multiple times and have any "expert" advice, I'd really appreciate it.

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  1. I can't afford Babbo, but lamb's brain sounds so good!

    1. Most people will eat anything with pasta and like it. Weak for wheat. Reason why people favor them over entrees and such, not just at Babbo.
      That said, almost every time(or maybe it has been every time), oxtail gnocchi. Classic Babbo dish from all the way back and I do not believe I see it mentioned as a fave that often on the boards(which is a positive).
      Your post has some sense and sincerity to it and thus, my rec. Keep it between us. Always the fear that this joint is going to succumb to the mass appeal. Please examine critically if you are able. Most are not.
      Hope it goes well.

      1. <Pappardelle Bolognese> maybe the best example of this dish I have ever eaten. I wanted to take a bath in it, it was so good.

        Now that I'm "thinking" more about it, it reminded me of the fantastic food back in the day at Po, when Mario was young and skinny. ;)

        1. The Linguine with Clams, Pancetta and Hot Chiles was disappointing. Still very enjoyable but not memorable. I was expecting the panchetta to pop so much more and it almost felt like a waste of panchetta. Other than that it was just like any good vongole you can find in a decent italian reseto. Don't waste any time on it considering all the other dishes.

          1. Thanks everybody. I'm down to deciding between two

            - Gnocchi with Braised Oxtail
            - Lamb’s Brain “Francobolli”

            Any last minute votes from those that have tried both?

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              Go for the Black Spaghetti. I had it with rock shrimp and I loved it....especially with the crispy salami. I've never had a bad or indifferent pasta at Babbo or Otto.
              As for the gnocchi, the braised oxtail is yummy. I've never had the Lamb's brain...I tasted brains in cooking school and that was the first & last taste of brains for me!