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Jul 30, 2009 02:11 PM

7/22/09 Radius: THIS is "one of Boston's Best"? I don't think so.

Handsome, quiet ,elegant room. Knowledgable, helpful attractive staff. Unfortunately, the bottom line is that the food is neither wonderful or justifiably priced. NINETEEN dollars for a teensy tiny soft shell crab on a few tablespoons of jerusalem artichoke puree????(I actually have never seen a softshell this tiny. When I grew up in Va.it was illegal to keep softshells this size. Perhaps they are farmed now in Asia.) Because this was our first Radius visit, we wanted to try a number of things and we did. Out of 8 dishes, including apps, entrees and dessert, there was not one "WOW!" Not one. Everything tasted good, was presented nicely, was child-portioned. The best thing all night was the sorbets, which were delicious.

I'm guessing that "you shoulda been there when...." is the operative truism here.
Shoulda, woulda, coulda, the best players on our team.

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  1. I whole heartedly agree...the last time I went to Radius, it did not knock my socks off. And any place charging these prices, in this economy especially, SHOULD be knocking at least one sock off! And you are right, portions are very small.

    1. This place was in it's prime 10 years ago. It was quite excellent back then. Long slow slide down hill for the last 7+ years or so.

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        ah, striper and bgal, would that i had read this before wasting that wallet!

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          Yes, I went there in it's heyday, and it was really something, I was really "wowed"...a couple of times later, not so much and then, well, no way i was gonna spend that money again. Others like that, such as Mistral (unless someone can convince me that it has reversed direction -- a top-line restaurant should not keep the exact same menu for an entire decade IMO) make me sad and very wary about some of the pricier places in town.

      2. The only people I can picture going to Radius are guys in business suits traveling to Boston for a meeting. I don't think I know any locals who really ate there, or ate there more than once I should say.

        1. The consent on the board is that Radius is overpriced, however, we had a great meal there last fall that we both really, really enjoyed. We had a four-course pre-fixe (if I remember correctly...it's no longer offered according to their website) and felt very good about the whole thing. There was an amazing salmon dish and a great lamb dish (both were perfectly cooked and seasoned) that I can remember. Just my 2 cents!

          1. I generally agree, but I've found that the bar menu is a decent value. Burgers, fries, cheese plate, and cocktails are all excellent. Still on the expensive side, but not exorbitantly priced for the quantity. It's a fun place to hang out at too, especially the big communal table.

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              On a Chronicle repeat tonight, Schlow made a Radius cheeseburger that had won a Best in America (?) burger competition in, I think they said, Miami. He said his meat is ground special, 80% lean but including some brisket and other cuts not typical in ground beef. There was cheddar, horseradish sauce and a huge pile of crispy fried onions. Those would make ground roadkill tasty!

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                Didn't it also win Best of Boston - Burger this year? (In Boston Magazine?)