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Jul 30, 2009 01:56 PM

bachelorette party in Waikiki. Help!


I'm planning on throwing a bachelorette party in Waikiki for my best friend. The Bride is local so I want to try to take her somewhere that's not too tourist. Somebody told me to check out the restaurants in the Aloha Tower? I'm open to all suggestions within the Waikiki area. We're going to have 9 girls. We want a casual fun place with good food and good drinks that not too pricey max $20 buck for an entree but rather have a place that serves Pupus or taps. Please help i'm clueless!

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  1. I'm sorry that no one has given you a response yet. Hopefully, the party will not happen very soon. Being an old man, I cannot be helpful except to suggest that, because the bride is your best friend and a local, you ask her where she would like to go, within your parameters.

    1. If you want pupu's, id consider Sam Choy's. For Tapas, Hiroshi's gets good reviews, but I've never been. Chai's at aloha tower is ok too, but more expensive. There is a bar in Waikiki named tapas, its NOT what you are looking for