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Jul 30, 2009 01:55 PM

6/09 Geronimo,, New Haven, Ct. : Southwestern? Oh Noooooo, Mr. Bill!!

I can't believe this place is as bad as it is. Roomba is gone and its new incarnation was closed this night ; Ibiza disappointed us the last 2 yrs so we didn't want to return; Zinc had been good on previous trips but we wanted to try a new place, So I read as many CH posts as I could and somehow I got the impression that Geronimo would deliver.
Maybe if you're a non-foody, unfussy young student, you would like this place, but we are the polar opposite of that depiction.

. The mole on the chicken was odd but o.k. After being told that the pork in the tacos was very sweet, I ordered the beef quesadillas, which were generous and well flavored. Ditto the delicious quinoa filled chile relleno.Very good bl.beans. But other than those dishes, everything else was dreadful.Major comment: too sweeeeet. Sugar in way too many savory dishes where it does not belong.Sangria was like soda pop. The pumpkin 'grits'(this chef has obviously never had real grits)had the oddest flavor;inedible. Onion rings-battered(yech).,VERY greasy. Southwestern food is unfortunately maligned more often than not in New England, and this was a perfect example of that travesty. Such a shame; it's really not hard to do well but you have to have someone who cares and knows- in the chef and the owner.Looking further, at the staff, it's quite obvious that the owner doesn't care about this place. Our server was a) nice but b) completely unknowledgable about the food. The atmosphere is like a franchise saloon steakhouse; cheap, brown, unattractive. Hope I have warned you in time.

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    1. A second thanks. I've been wary of this place for reasons I can't quite put a finger on . . . now I won't try!

      1. We ate here a few weeks ago and I agree that the majority of the food was not fantastic. Not bad, but nothing great. One dish I would recommend is the Apache BLT, the smoked bacon was wonderful. Wish they weren't out of the Buffalo Chili Nachos, I would have liked to try those.

        This is more of a place for sitting outside with drinks and tasting tequilas. The staff was really nice and generous during our visit. Between that and fun outdoor seating we did have a really nice time. I would be willing to give it another chance.

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          I think that was more of what they were looking for. Hom many other places have semi good food, but the outdoor seating makes up for it.

        2. Geronimo is not a paradise for the food, but I think you're being too hard on them. The inside is not, I think, all that unattractive, and the servers are more or less New Haven bar standard. As for the food, you mention a couple of things you liked, and as I recall the time I went there the pork chile relleno was fairly good, as was the "three sisters tamale". They had quite a good guacamole, made to order at the table, though that seems to have disappeared from the menu. It's possible to have a worthwhile meal here, I think.

          If you look at their online menu, you'll see that vastly more space is devoted to drinks than to food, which ought to make it clear that this is not where the (now defunct, and much regretted) Cafe Terra Cotta moved when it closed in Tucson. But where else in New Haven can you spend $43 on a shot of tequila? Especially in the summertime, when the weather is conducive to drinks on the patio, that's where the focus is, and even in the dead of winter it's the drinks. If you weren't looking for a bar with some (occasionally interesting) food, you should have gone elsewhere. And while I'll pass on the $43 one, there are a lot of very interesting tequilas here that you won't find anywhere else in the area....

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          1. re: linguist

            ooh, linguist, too quick to judge. yes of course by reading my review, you see that it is possible to get a good meal there, but difficult. And the bads far outweigh the goods.
            .When viewing the on-line menu, I had no reason to look at the drinks page; i never do.I did my normal research routine before choosing a restnt and the reviews were good; that's usually the deciding factor for me. So now, i hope to have forewarned foodies who otherwise might have been misled as I was.

          2. I agree. Have been to Geronimo's twice and that was enough. I hail from California and have a hard time stomaching (literally) faux food. The Guacamole (which was not even good) was completely overpirced. Recipes seemed 'made up' , as if the chef couldn't decide whether to make it SouthWest, Mexican or fusion. Too confusing for me! I have to say the atmosphere is fun but drinks are also too pricey.