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Oct 29, 2004 03:32 PM

Chopped liver in LA (or Langers--- yum or yech?)

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The Langers discussion below in which I espouse the virtues of Langers chopped liver and others disagree, begs a question and a sub-question...

a) do you like the chopped liver at Langers?

b) where is the best jewish style chopped liver you've had in LA?

I'm really wondering if anyone who criticizes the chopped liver at langers has tried it recently, or more than just once. I once had the chopped liver at Pico Kosher Deli and it was so bland that I could hardly taste it. Langers always has a full bodied, rich flavor with nice contrast of sweet and salty.

Your take, fellow 'hounds?

Mr. Taster

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  1. I used to really like the chopped liver at Art's deli, but it's been many years since I've tried it. Brent's is too sweet for my taste. Katella Deli, down here in the LB/W OC area, is okay, but not stellar.

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      Langer's is way too bland. Agree with you on Brent's. I used to like Canter's, but I have not had theirs in many years. The best in recent memory I had shipped in from New Jersey, and before everything, the best always came from Mom or one of my aunts.

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        For store bought, Art's was fine. I haven't beenin quite a while.

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          I really like Art's Deli's chopped liver but it is not chicken livers. No matter, because it tastes great. I need to add a touch of salt, but I buy a 1/4 lb with a water bagel and it's snack time with a bottle of wine (red or white, we're not getting picky here).

        2. Great question, and I would also suggest it is important to distinguish between those who like chopped chicken liver (which is what I was raised on) and those who prefer their hepatic delights of the bovine variety. (And for all I know there is some brilliant chef out there making chopped liver from other kosher animals such as buffalo, venison, or giraffe.) I have had a very hard time locating good chopped chicken liver in LA and would love to hear suggestions.

          1. I agree about Brent's. I love the place, but the chopped liver is too sweet. I prefer the chopped liver from Junior's on Westwood at Pico in West LA. It is as close to my mom's as I have had out here.

            BTW, if you love jewish cookies try the Victor Bene's cookies available at Vincente Foods and Gelson's. Yummy. As close to the Cedarhurst Bake Shop as I have found.

            1. I don't like chopped liver, but my mom (Jewish from NYC, if that gives her more cred) likes Canter's for chopped liver. That's about all she likes from the highly mediocre Canter's these days. Even their danish are hit and miss now.

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                I really like Brent's, but yes it is very sweet, so if that isn't appealing to you, definately skip it.

                Jerry's/Solly's is truely horrible.

                Nate N'Al's is our local fav, but have not had Greenblatt's which some people think is the best.

                Maybe we should have a blind taste test, like the Chopped Liver Challenge?

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                  I think Barney Greengrass is the best, then Nate 'n Als. But as much as Nate 'n Als reminds me of childhood, as much as Barney Greengrass is an occasional treat on someone else's dime, I'm not sure I want to be faced with a table full of chopped liver. Can we do the ice cream tasting instead?