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Jul 30, 2009 01:12 PM

SOS...Korean meal with a lot of side dishes pls for a girls night?

Its my best friends birthday and she's requested korean food!!! YUM-O

But she wants one with ALOT of side dishes cause thats the best part of it.

Any recommendations?


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  1. Oh Geul Boh Geul routinely has the biggest banchan selection, around 10 usually.

    If you want better atmosphere, I suggest Sariwon.

    Oh Geul Boh Geul
    5320 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2N5P9, CA

    7388 Yonge St, Vaughan, ON L4J, CA

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    1. re: aser

      Oh quite a few but IMO they are pretty stingy with them. This is the only restaurant that wouldn't refil a dish for me. We asked for an extra dish of potatoes last time and they said they had no more (a lie). I believe its happened a couple times before that too, but I still like the restaurant even though I don't really like their service or attitude. (mainly because of free me shallow). I think Nakwon, closer to finch, gives more side dishes however I don't like their food as much.

      1. re: szw

        Last time I went, which was a couple months ago, they refilled our empty banchan dishes w/o prompting.

        I must admit, it depends very much on whether the restaurant is packed or not. The less busy they are, the more prompt they're w/ the refills.

        Don't piss the ajumma off and you'll get decent service, haha.

        1. re: aser

          It wasn't even a matter of being prompt, they outright lied and said they didn't have any more! Another time I remember they just flat out refused. I can't remember if it was busy or not but I'm there about every 3 weeks and now I'm getting pretty angry thinking about it!

          1. re: aser

            Who's the Ajumma?? Is that the Owner or Owner Lady? She was SUPER DUPER nice... and so cool. Some waitresses know Mandarin! I went with a friend who speaks little English, but lots of Mandarin. And since they werent understanding my English, I got her to do her magic, and everything came promptly.

            I agree - go when its not packed, much better service can be had. We were literally 2 minutes before the place got packed. The small rooms were filled, then we sat at a 3-table spot, of which the last table got pulled away for 2 other patrons later on.

            We had...
            cold noodles (
            )pork bone soup (
            )bbq ribs (
            )and of course, the banchan (
            )I didnt take a picture of the pancake... but I didnt like it so much! What was it? It tasted like a mush of batter....?

            I think the side dishes were awesome. Lots to offer. I LOVE the sweet and chili potatoes!!! Super duper delectable! So chewy on the inside, yet it was pan seared outside, with a sauce that's just so burstfully interesting in a mouthful. Ugh. I would love to just take a bucket of it home and devour on my own.

            The ribs - brings back memories and shivers down my back!!! You can tell I dont have Korean food that often. But when I do, I'm always blown away by the quality of what I get. The sauce was so so so rich.. yes - some rice must be had with it. Oh, that purple rice... so friggen good. Yet the sauce brought out the beefyness of the ribs, and also matched the charcoalness and smokiness of it. I must look like Homer Simpson, drooling over a donut right now...

            The cold noodle? I've never had it before. A Korean friend had always talked about it, saying how nice it is to have a Korean cold noodle in the summertime. I'm a noodle person. Not only that, I love it HOT. Steamy hot. With green onions galore. This was so different from what I'm used to. Yet it was such a fantastic experience! The aftertaste of it is sweet and makes you just right - a feeling of calm and serenity .. no kidding! I guess that's what he means, that it's such a refreshing treat on a hot day. Aaaahhh.. :)

            Menu is here:
            There are more pages... but I got lured by the complexity of picking and choosing what to eat that I forgot about taking pictures.........

            Definitely would go back. But not a peak time.

      2. Agree with aser. Oh Geul Boh Geul is the way to go. Lots of good banchan, plus the bonus korean pancake.

        Sariwon is good if you have the budget to spend more.....

        1. Seconding Sariwon. I like that the variety of banchan is large and balanced in terms of texture, heat, and flavour. Once I had three types of kimchi (all red with chili powder) -- napa cabbage, cucumber with some sort of small leaf, and cubed daikon, a mixed fruit/veg mayonnaise-based salad, acorn jelly with soy-chili-scallion-sesame sauce, jap chae, bean sprouts namul (with sesame oil), cucumber namul, and small pajeon with scallion.

          They're fairly ok with refilling; if it's packed, it might take longer. Also, do know that the exhaust fans don't do their jobs well so you, your hair, and your clothes will come out smelling faintly like Korean BBQ, especially if it's a busy night with many tables grilling.