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Jul 30, 2009 01:12 PM

Blueberry Hill Cafe and Sunflour bakery (Orange County)

I'll be spending a few days in Laguna. Are either of these places worth a stop on the way from/to L.A.? Any particular items?

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  1. Never heard of them. They're certified kosher? By whom?

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    1. re: ganeden

      Some Googling reveals that 'Blueberry Hill Cafe' is the Cafe at the JCC of Merage, catered by Blueberry Hill Catering: The website does not mention a hechsher, but according to Shamash, as of December 2007, they were under the Rabbinical Council of Orange County and Long Beach.

      The Sunflour Bakery says they're under the KSA on their website, which does not appear to have been updated since Thanksgiving 2008:

      1. re: ganeden

        A google search led me to the Orange County Hillel website which lists the Rabbinical Council of OC for former and KSA for the latter.