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Jul 30, 2009 12:48 PM

Lunch Report: Mawa - Morrisville, NC

I went to Mawa for lunch today (


They have a lunch menu (why it isn't on their website is a mystery)

Lunch menu was 6.50 for chicken based dishes, 8.50 for lamb/ goat, and included the entree, rice, and an appetizer.

I had plantains for an appetizer (very good), my lunch partner had a shrimp/beef roll which tasted ok but was TINY.

i had a lamb dish with a citrus onion sauce that was very good. My lunch partner had a goat dish with a nut sauce (we asked what type of nut and were told cashew.)

Both of us were VERY happy with our meals. I would recommend it for lunch without hesitation. One of the better lunch meals I have had for a while.


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  1. We went there for lunch for the first time a few weeks ago. My wife had one of the lamb dishes. I had ginger chicken. We shared the bread pudding for dessert. We enjoyed everything.

    We plan to go back for dinner so we can have accaras (not available at lunch). These are black eyed pea (or a similar white bean) fritters fried in palm oil. We had a long discussion with two of the owners about these and how they are similar to acaraje from the northeast of Brasil. The Brasilian version is the same kind of fritter but larger and served with vatapa (paste of dried shrimp and bread), shrimp, salad and hot sauce.

    1. Mawa's taste of africa is now open at 152 Morrisiville Square, in Morrisivlle (same shopping center as before). We have expanded to Ethiopiand and Egyptian. See you soon