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Jul 30, 2009 12:24 PM

DC/VA-themed wedding welcome basket?

Hi all,

I'm in the process of thinking through welcome basket ideas for my DC wedding this fall. We're having a ton of out of town guests for the wedding, and thought it would be fun to do a welcome basket filled with items from local companies.

So far, we've thought of the following options:
- cupcakes Georgetown Cupcake
- Route 11 brand chips
- Old Dominion Root Beer
- Virginia peanuts

Are there any other ideas unique to DC and/or VA that we should look into?


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  1. Crab Utz is what this expat misses!

    1. I really like the products from the Blue Crab Bay Co. We used to use some of their products in wedding gift baskets in Annapolis. They are located on the Eastern Shore of VA, the crab house crunch and sting ray are very good.

      Old Bay would be another small, but nice addition, perhaps more of a MD thing, but used a lot in the region for crabs.

      I also find people are always really impressed with the capitol and white house specialty chocolates. I am not certain how you would feel about this, but you could also include a bottle of virginia wine? I know White Hall has a really nice red for around $10, I believe it is the Breakheart Red.

      1. only additions I can think of are wine from Kluge vinery in VA, perhaps metro map with a summary of attractions in DC area

        1. All of these have been suggested, but here's my info on where we got stuff...We did a small Virginia wine bottle. Totalwine can help you order them. The Historical Chocolate Company has really cute DC/VA themed chocolates. And for Virginia Peanuts you can get boxes of individual bags at Wegmans.

          1. Also try Capitol Cookies:

            I used them for a reception and the cookies looked and tasted great. They made the White House, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial for us.