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Best Traditional Buffalo Wings in Phoenix?

Self explanatory. I have a tremendous craving for traditional wings. Any ideas?

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  1. Now I feel old. I had no idea that a dish concocted during my lifetime was "traditional."

    1. I imagine that by "tradtional" you mean "not some weird jalapeno-barbecue-miso-sauced monstrosity like you see everywhere these days," and I wholeheartedly agree. Unfortunately I only tend to eat these at undistinguished happy hour bar/chain type places so I can't recommend much beyond the obvious. The ones at Long Wong's (except for Suicide hot, which contain black pepper for some reason), Teakwood's, and Native New Yorker are always meaty and un-messed-around-with. I think Four Peaks has them also, but I'm always too distracted by the pizza to remember anything about wings there.

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        Four peaks are pretty darn good, when they are on top of their game. Zipp's is solid, especially the "golden" wings. Locally, there isn't really a "killer" wings place. IMO. However, I'm a sucker for them and will try just about anybody's wings.

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          When I think "traditional" I have to think you're looking for something close to the Anchor Bar in Buffalo where Buffalo Wings were concocted. Admittedly I haven't tried many around town but Native New Yorker is very, very similar to the offerings at Anchor Bar.

        2. Red Devil (McDowell, west of 32nd Street): Best-kept wing lover's secret in town, hands down.

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            It's worth noting that there are several Red Devil locations around town, but the original on McDowell is certainly my favorite of them. The food is about the same at each, but something about the atmosphere of the original just screams authentic old-school neighborhood pizza joint.

          2. On the Westside - Nino's at 59th and Peoria (NE plaza behind the Arby's) does a great job. Been going there for about 20 years. Good NY pizzeria style pies and Beef on Weck too (they're a Buffalo family). Also Anzio's on 28th Dr. about 1/4 mi N of Cactus has always had very good wings though I haven't been there in a year or two. Anzio's pizza seems to be love or hate - it's a bit unique, but wings were always consistently good. I order xtra crispy at both places.

            I don't think they've always done it (I could be wrong), but Native has been flouring their wings lately. When there I ask for them naked for traditional style.

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            1. Pullano's pizza and wings, northwest corner of 51st. and T-bird

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                Pat's Pizza Plus at 12 street and Glendale makes a pretty decent wing. Its no Duffs or Anchor Bar but for the Valley they are pretty good.

              2. I love the wings at the Original Hamburger Works (SEC of Thomas and 15th Avenue). I only order on the weekends cuz' they change their fry oil on Thursdays. I get a dozen plain with their habanero hot sauce on the side. Very, very addicting. They're not battered, just crispy goodness. If you like heat DO try this sauce.

                1. Depends on your tradition, no?

                  I like 'em tight, so to satisfy the obsession I go to The Vine and order Medium, Extra Extra Crispy.

                  1. A bit late to this party, but I will recommend Palermo's. I think this "local" chain is mostly in the West Valley, but I've always had good wings and pizza here. I usually order my wings Medium and request extra crispy. But they do fry the wings, which is essential in my opinion. The wings are typically meaty, not skimpy like I've had at the Vine or other places. The pizza is pretty good here, too. I order mine with a bit less pizza sauce and easy on the cheese, but that's just me.