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Jul 30, 2009 11:51 AM

Where to eat in San Diego with my daughters (25 & 19)??

Hi all you chowhounds ;)
I am taking my 2 daughters to San Diego for 2 days before boarding a cruise ship. We're from Texas and love good food! My young adult (25 & 19) daughters love to have a fun and experience good food. It doesn't have to be fancy places but good, interesting and unique to CA would be nice! Can you help??? Any suggestions of what to do while we're there would be appreciated too! We're staying in the Gaslamp district. Thanks!

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  1. Do you have a car and any preferences (Italian, French, Chinese etc. etc.,)

    1. Cafe Chloe in the Gaslamp has fantastic brunch and dinner options. It's a cute French bistro, not too fancy or expensive. You might also venture up to University Heights to Farmhouse Cafe or Normal Heights to Jayne's Gastropub. All really tasty, quality restaurants.

      1. Point Loma Seafoods.

        Quintessential san diego.

        1. If you want goood food and great view go to C Level on Harbor Island (across from the airport) at night...beautiful view of the downtown skyline or go to George's in La Jolla and have lunch or a sunset dinner on thier Ocean Terrace.

          1. Cafe Chloe is a must. The atmosphere is relaxing, and lends to a conversational meal with friends and loved ones. The food is excellent!

            For a white table cloth, quiet, evening, I would suggest J Six located in one of the Gaslamp Hotels ( I cannot remember which one).

            For breakfast, either Cafe 222 or The Mission. Both serve up lovely meals with their own unique twists. DO NOT under any circumstances waste your precious time at Richard Walkers Pancake House. The food and service are horrific.

            If The Cheese Shop is still around I would stop in for their pork sandwich with swiss cheese and honey mustard dressing.

            Check out what is often referred to as the "30th Street Corridor." Take a cab ride to 30th Street and University Avenue. The whole area is jam packed with all things good in the world. The Linkery, Urban Solace, Jayne's Gastropub (up 30th a bit), Searocket Bistro, Spread, Heaven Scent Bakery, cool clothing stores, thrift shops, music stores....

            The Farmhouse Cafe is located up from 30th & University on Adams Avenue. Their food is a knock-out and their staff is a crew of dedicated culinary mavens.

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              "J Six located in one of the Gaslamp Hotels ( I cannot remember which one)"

              Hotel Solamar

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                Thanks for the suggestions! We won't have a car but hopefully it isn't too hard to get around. I've heard it's really nice to go out to LaJolla in the evening for dinner and sunset watching. any ideas on where to go??

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                  No car? hmmmm.........

                  La Jolla is definitely and expensive cab ride, or a long bus ride away, BUT you will find a gorgeous sunset there.

                  You might want to check out Coronado instead. You can take the ferry from downtown, then take a cab to the Hotel Del Coronado. The beach near the Del is empty and beautiful. The sunsets will be every bit as amazing as La Jolla.

                  I am not well versed on Coronado restaurants, perhaps some of the islanders could chime in?

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                    Perhaps get a couple of drinks at the 1500 Ocean Sunset Bar at the Del on the patio and then go inside for dinner. They do have a menu outside as well but it's not too extensive.

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                    The #30 bus services La Jolla from Gaslamp (Downtown). I have used it many times, but is not a particularly pleasant experience.