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Jul 30, 2009 11:31 AM

Bar Boulud this Sat. - Dress code

Up from DC for weekend, going to Bar Boulud with another couple for dinner. They have never been there so can't give us the "appropriate" attire for a Sat. night. Can a guy wear nice jeans and button down? Blazer? Or slacks it is without the blazer?

Also, anyone been to Clo wine bar in the same area? How busy is it on a Sat night?

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  1. The dress code at Bar Boulud is very relaxed, nice jeans and a button down would be fine.

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    1. Thanks! Jeans it will be but I'll probably bring along a blazer unless it is dreadfully hot.

      1. I passed by Clo bar a couple of times because my hotel was in this area, I went a couple of times this year, and I have never seen it very full. It often has like half the seats taken but I rarely seen it full.