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Jul 30, 2009 11:28 AM

Chicken and Waffles

So I am having a craving for chicken and waffles and want to go grab some for brunch this weekend. I know they have them at Marvin (which I haven't tried) and I was disappointed by the ones at Creme. I saw they were on the menu at Art &Soul which I haven't tried. Any thoughts on good places for them in D.C. proper?

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  1. i had the art & soul ones and thought they were very good. great syrup, and the gravy on the chicken is very savory.

    1. If it's nice out, go to Tabaq Bistro on U Street. they have a popular chicken and waffles dish at brunch and an amazing rooftop to boot. I've never had them, but they looked delicious.

      1. You should check out the dish at Marvin. I thought it was quite good!

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          You can try Logan Tavern too - i think it's a special there

        2. I agree with the recommendation for Marvin. delicious!