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Jul 30, 2009 11:10 AM

Tamales with sallmon and polenta

When we stayed at the lovely hotel in Yellowstone National Park, this past May, we had the most dellicious dish. Salmon set on polents in a sauce and wrappen in a tamale. It was incredable. I would love to duplicate it or at least come close. I have never cooked tamales so I have absolutely no idea of what I should do. Any help would be most appreciated. Between the awesome beauty of Yellowstone and the taste of this salmon tamale - it was a most memerable lunch.

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  1. Woops, I spelled salmon wrong----should only be one l---typo error

    1. This sounds like an invention of the restaurant's chef rather than a typically Mexican dish. Here in Mexico, we might call it *cocina del autor*--the chef's own cuisine. I'd suggest contacting the restaurant to see if they would give you the recipe.


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        Many thanks, I contacted the hotel - no reply thus far

      2. Sounds good to me. I love authentic Mexican food, but really like seeing new versions. Where are you in terms of geography and that may we helpful in determining what ingredients you would use? I'm not as familiar with cooking with polenta, but I can tell you about masa (the Mexican version of polenta I suppose you could think of it like that).

        If I were to try and make it I would use banana leaves (I don't know which the chef used). I'd probably take the raw salmon and but it in a chipotle marinade, or sauce. Then with the masa (in Chicago you can get it pre-made, otherwise you can add water or consomme to it to get it in a dough like mass) you'll put a little in it like a spread out volcano, and put some of the chipotle salmon. All in the corn husk or banana leave and then you'd put it in a large pot of boiling water and let it sort of steam for I'd guess maybe 30 minutes.

        What do you think?

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          Thank you....your idea sounds delicious. I like the idea of the spicy chipolte marinade. I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I'll have to see about where I can get banana leaves. I bought the corn husks in a Mexican grocery store in Waucunda. No one in the store knew about cooking the salmon in the leaves - but all were very, very helpful dispite the language problem. ( incidently, they have a resturant attatched to the store and serve the greatest authentic Mexican fooods and very reasonable - las tres amigas - also carry out)

          I really enjoy tryiing new foods and also shopping for new foods. I am curious about how the cactus are prepared.

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            I just watched Rick Bayless' TV program "Mexico, One Plate at a Time" today. He dug a pit in his Chicago backyard to roast cochinita pibil, which he wrapped in banana leaves.

            He bought the leaves, frozen, from an unspecified Asian grocery store. He remarked that you can also find the leaves at Mexican groceries in the Chicago area.

            Here's the link to his website: