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Jul 30, 2009 11:04 AM

registering for my wedding - what kind of cookware to get??

i'm an experienced cook, but at home right now i use an older stainless set and a few odd nonstick pieces for sauteing. i'd like to register for a nice new set, but i'm torn between 18/10 stainless and all clad or calphalon nonstick or greenpans, which don't leach chemicals. however the performance rating for those are iffy.

what do you all use and recommend?? i do a LOT of cooking but until now have not been able to upgrade.

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  1. I love my le Creuset dutch ovens & covered saucepan.

    I also love my one Calphalon non-stick saucepan, and my 3 all-clad stainless sauce & frypans.

    I don't think I would bother with non-sticks, anymore. The stainless are great and easy to clean. Whatever you get, make sure it is heavy enough. That's the key to a great pan - heavy enough to distribute heat evenly without burning the food.

    1. I would highly recommend not registering for a set, unless you are sure you will be using all the pieces. Also, people tend to prefer to purchase an item, rather than contribute to the cost of a set. My favorite pieces:

      Pretty large Le Creuset Dutch Oven
      LC Grill Pan
      Cast Iron Pan
      Various Sitram (stainless steel w/ copper core) pieces - large saute pan, several pots
      12 inch Swiss Diamond Frying pan with lid.

      1. tastycakes, when someone else would be paying for them, we would list Demeyere Atlantis (stainless with a thick full-diameter copper disk). Superbly made, indestructible, dishwasher-safe, and -- for the future, when you switch to induction -- induction-compatible.

        1. I would probably not register for a set - although I do like the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro 12 piece items as far as tri ply stainless goes. My ideal set up would be:

          a seasoned 10" Lodge cast iron frying pan for eggs
          a tri ply Stainless frying pan/skillet
          a 3 or 4 qt tri ply stainless saute pan
          one small and one large tri ply stainless sauce pan - exact size maybe would depend on if you have dutch ovens for stews
          a couple LeCreuset enameled dutch ovens (3.5 and 5.5 probably)
          a stock pot

          I would personally steer clear of any kind of nonstick, other than maybe one inexpensive one just for eggs. Just make sure that you read about how to season and preheat cast iron if using that, and how to preheat SS pans and add the oil properly to keep things from sticking and you should be fine.

          1. Go for all clad. In my opinion they are the best with out a doubt. And your wedding is one of the few times you can ask for whatever you want and not worry about the cost. I have a couple all clad and a set of calphalon. I wish I had spent the extra cash and gone for a complete set of all clad. Happy cooking!

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              I've re-worked my cookware this year.. my b-day present to me... and have put together a substantial set of AllClad by just keeping an eye out at TJMaxx for the most part, for 40% of retail.

              I'd say include a few pieces of the AC on your registry. Like randyhusted above, I'm really enjoying the pieces I've found. If you're concerned about the price of items on your registry, AC has a few items that are promotional priced that may be a nice way to start.

              Personally, I'd say register for the individual items from different lines that will suit you best. You could end up with a really nice and diverse set that will last you a lifetime!
              I wish I had done that.. but didn't have a clue at the time.

              A LeCrueset or a Staub dutch oven would be nice too.