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Jul 30, 2009 10:58 AM

Eleven Madison Park - RW Lunch Menu and Dress Code?

A friend of mine made reservations for Eleven Madison Park tomorrow afternoon for lunch; I was wondering if anyone had any details on their Restaurant Week menu? I haven't been able to find any info about it online.

Also, can anyone tell me what the dress code is? I'd expect it'd be more formal at dinner, but on a Friday lunch, I was wondering what level of casual I can get away.


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  1. I can't help you with details about the RW menu (though I'd guess some of the selections will be from the regular 2 for $28 menu). With regard to dress at lunch, you can be very casual. No way to tell if you are male or female, but I've seen men in jeans.

    Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

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    1. re: RGR

      oh, ha, yes, we're both male.

      I was thinking a white button-up shirt and nice jeans or slacks, but my friend says it's "jackets preferred." needless to say, I'm not crazy about the idea of putting on a blazer in 84 degree weather

      1. re: suparshadow

        You're friend is not correct. Dress at EMP is not "jacket preferred." The website states the following: "We ask that you wear proper attire. No shorts, t-shirts, or sneakers are allowed."

        We have been to EMP countless times for lunch and dinner. During non-RW lunch, there are lots of "suits" having business lunches (credit Suisse is right in the building.), but other diners are more casually dressed. My husband never wears a jacket when we have lunch there, and in the summer, he doesn't bother with a jacket at dinner either. Ergo, no need to "shvitz" in the heat. What you are proposing to wear is entirely appropriate.

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          I had dinner at EMP with a bunch of my friends and we all wore button down shirts and nice jeans without any problems at all.

          1. re: kathryn

            My hunch was correct. The City Harvest/RW menu is taken directly from their regular offerings.

        2. I happened to have lunch at EMP today. I was informally dressed(khakis, button down shirt, dressy sandals) and was completely comfortable.

          I actually had forgot that it was RW, and had gone from a suckling pig craving, which wasn't on the RW menu, and for which they couldn't accommodate a special request! I had a delicious meal regardless. I thought the corn chowder with prawns and bacon was particularly good--super sweet corn, beautiful texture on the little corn kernels, first rate very fresh pieces of prawn, nice contrasting accents from the bits of bacon. The lamb sausage was good but I thought the accompanying tomato, and the pommes puree, was actually more memorable than the sausage itself, the tomato most and the potato secondly. The potato was very rich, I didnt think it was quite as good but reminded me of the signature at Joel Robuchon in Paris, really delicious. Very nice cherry crumble for dessert, cherries were really excellent. An interesting highlight for me was actually the butter, there was a great hay kind of note in the butter that I was loving, not knocking the rest of what was a wonderful lunch, but surprisingly to me the flavor of the butter is probably whats staying with me right now the most funny enough, and I wouldnt call myself a butter connoisseur. I lucked into picking a wine that went nicely with that butter, the only yellow wine I believe they have by the glass. I hadn't had a yellow wine before but its a french sherry-like wine which was delicious, and the one I had had a faint hay-like note in there as well. All in all was a really delicious lunch.

          1. Funny, I just googled "Eleven Madison Park" and "butter" to see if I could find out what they were using, and stumbled on this article: Basically a very similar musing to what I just posted. I assume from the description that she's writing about the same butter I tasted today, which she lists as Meyenberg goat's milk butter, apparently available at Zabar's at $6 for 8 oz.

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            1. re: brettnyc

              During the past few months, EMP has changed their bread and butter service, not only in terms of the timing, i.e., serving themfurther into the meal than at the beginning, but also the addition of the goat's milk butter alongside the usual cow's milk butter. Interesting that you think you had the goat's milk butter because, normally, they serve both butters at dinner but only the cow's milk at lunch. Since you didn't mention two butters, it sounds as though they changed from the cow's to the goat's for the Harvest/RW lunch. I do agree that it is a wonderful butter.

              1. re: RGR

                Hey RGR. Yes they only served the goat's milk butter at lunch yesterday, not sure if thats a RW thing or if its a tweak in their lunch service. If its only for RW I would certainly request that they bring the goat's milk butter as well next time I'm there for lunch, its particularly good. I think I may need to grab some of it from Zabar's as well for the fridge, although that could be dangerously(but wonderfully) addictive!