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Jul 30, 2009 10:53 AM

[SEA] Take-out on way to Alki?

So our one other option for beating the heat tonight is to pick up some take-out or picnic stuff and head to Alki. Will be coming over the West Seattle Bridge. Any good places to stop on the way (or once we are there)?


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  1. You could stop at the Admiral Met Market for a variety of prepared foods. I love to go to Spuds for fish and chips, right on Alki. There are delis and restaurants all along the beachfront.

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      Yes, Metropolitan Market has an excellent deli. Their shrimp pasta salad is one of my favorites. Especially with a little fresh lemon squeezed on it. You'll find everything you need for a wonderful picnic. (And probably spend quite a bit too.) And if I were going to pick up fish
      and chips, I'd go for Sun Fish just down the street.

    2. I third the Metropolitan Market, and also recommend the Husky Deli, a bit out of the way for Alki but they too have great sandwiches as well.

      1. At lunch, Bakery Noveau has a fabulous selection of savory stuff (sandwiches, pizzas), as well as sweet. Not sure how late in the day it lasts.