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Jul 30, 2009 10:47 AM

[SEA] Air conditioning in the ID?

Hey everyone -

I am craving noodles for dinner (pref Vietnamese but i am open) but need a place with AC for the toddler. My guess is that most of the places i frequent don't have AC as i remember open doors at times. Does Taramind Tree have AC?

Can't believe i have to even think about needing AC! Crazy global warming...


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  1. not Vietnamese, but FuLin has both noodles (tonkotsu ramen and others) and AC iirc
    recommend the spicy salt chicken wings and mapo tofu (request adding shrimp and hardboiled egg halves, and noodles instead of rice, if you like)...or if you're over in W Seattle, how about some curry udon at Mashiko?