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Jul 30, 2009 10:37 AM

Ah, come on, Frod? Netmover? AG Girl--I'm counting on you!

Reposting: Re: Miami Spice, what to try this year.
So far, no replies, so I'm reposting in hopes that Miami area chowhounds will answer!

We're coming down again this august for a week. Last year year we tried Neomi's Grill, Talula's, Palm D'Or, and Chef Allen's. (Talula's was our favorite!) Any suggestions for this year? We generally go for cheap eats and ethno-interesting, but for Spice month, we like to try those places we could never afford otherwise. Any suggestions for great meals/great values?
Thanks in advance!

By the way, Frod--already checked out your blog--it's awesome, as we say here in Boston! Loved your account of your kitchen experience at Neomi's Grill. We went last year after your terrific write-up.

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  1. Thanks - I've been waiting till more restaurants got their menus posted, when I looked last week very few were up. Now most of them are online and I'm browsing through to find likely targets.

    1. Hi

      I agree with Frod. You got to get in there and peruse those menus! Some do Spice right, others do it on the cheap. I too like to check out the places I wouldn't otherwise go to except for a special occasion, or Spice. Look for true value within the Spice menus and then confirm that the establishments offering said value are worthy of your hard earned dollars to begin with. I thought I already saw a couple of '09 Spice posts on this board. Keep checking back since it gets going tomorrow. I'm sure there will be plenty of opinions on whose spicing things up this season soon.

      Bon apettite

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        Two restaurants I'm thinking of trying during spice are Scarpetta and Hakkasan, both at the Fountainebleau. So much has been said about the places that I'm curious to try their food. These are also not the types of places I would regularly go to so this is a chance to go.

        1. re: netmover

          Well, we just got back from our trip, and I'd say we ate very well. We loved Michy's so much that we went twice! I just couldn't get that polenta with egg poached in truffle oil out of my mind! We also went to Ortanique in CG, which was terrific, especially the ceviche app. My friend was a little unsure about the hi tech stuff I told her about at Neomi's, so we skipped it this time. Talula's was a fave last year, but a disappointment this year. I've always heard you guys talk about Timo's and we had an excellent meal there, also. Went to see a movie on Lincoln Rd., and ate at daLeo's (which I remember going to with my parents BEFORE Lincoln Rd. got "made over" (remember watching the Miami Ballet and the Flamenco dancers going through their lessons?). It was just fine. We made our annual pilgrimage to the Sushi Deli on the JFK causeway, but it was just too hot for Shnitzel Haus this year. Oh, and I tried Pescanane in Bal harbor. Loved all the "extra's" but fellt like the stuff we ordered was nothing special. Also, we had several small issues with the bill.
          One thing we were consistently surprised by is how full the dining rooms were, at least during Miami "prime time"(after 8:30 pm) even on a Monday or other week night! Thanks again, Miami "pen pals!" I'll be back in January or February. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy your CH posts, and Frod's blog. AG girl, I've been reading your posts on TripAdvisor, too!

        2. You may wanna do Naomi's again this year. Theyre offering lobstah!

          Ive only viewed a few menus but Im thinking about Scarpetta, Hakkasan, Michy's, and Bourbon Steak (w/ $10 upgrade)

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          1. re: Blind Mind

            The shorter portion of my long list of spice to hit up include: Neomi's, Bourbon Steak, Palme D'or, Pascals, BLT, Gotham, Scarpetta, Kobe Club (They opened back up already?), Meat Market and Azul.

            1. re: Blind Mind

              The Spice menu at Michy's looks great! Haven't been there yet, so I will definitely be giving it a shot while the Spice is at play.

              Already made reservations for my mom's birthday to go to Baleen's in Grove Isle later this month. Menu looks interesting as well.

              1. re: JFarah

                Instead of Baleen's (the best seats are outside and it will probably be too uncomfortable in August-the food ain't much, either). take your mom to the Delano. Gorgeous room, beautiful people, great location and food.

            2. Went to Meat Market last night for Miami Spice. It was FABULOUS. The service was stunning, beyond perfect, when our server gave us a very articulate (solicited) mini lesson in light v. full-bodied wines. Perfect wine suggestion for me. Gave us a nifty plate with four different nut-type things to try, including wasabi peas and some sort of Peruvian corn, and something called a "Spanish mix." Crispy alaskan crabtail app is *delicious.* My friend really liked the ceviche app. Only downside was the ribeye on the spice menu - I do not recommend. It was just not a great cut. But it was still good enough that I cleaned my plate. The sweet potato fries with it were delicious. The dessert sounds odd, but somehow oreos actually go with it well. We were stuffed, just stuffed. Also, my friend got a spicy mango drink that she said is very, very spicy. Just a heads up if that's not your bag.

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              1. re: almostinamerica

                I had another great meal at Meat Market this past weekend too. Maitre D and servers were incredibly accommodating and friendly. Food was very, very good. Im working on a full report soon...

              2. Also went to Red: The Steakhouse (or however one writes it) that's south of Fifth on South Beach. It was very good, but not Meat Market, which wins hands down. My friends felt the waiter at Red sort of tricked them into bottled water, and he pushed the upsell in a way that wasn't great, even though we expect that stuff.