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Jul 30, 2009 10:36 AM

Visit to Taqueria El Amigo in Waltham

Based on recomendations from the board - I tried Taqueria El Amigo today since it's right next to my work.

You won't find a place that better fits the moniker "hole in the wall" better than here. I showed up on Tuesday and had trouble finding the place because there wasn't an open sign out (closed on Tuesdays).

I was the only customer there when I walked in probably because it was a late lunch 2:30ish, but I couldn't even find a menu - no wall menu or stack of take out's. I'm guessing most customers don't need a menu to know what they want. I was handed a laminated restaurant style menu, which was a little confusing if this is table service or not - I wouldn't think so with the size - 6 tables and a counter, but I got the feeling I should have just sat down for service.

I went with the Cabeza (beef cheeks) especiales - four small tacos with diced onions, a slice of avocado, and tons of cilantro ($5.50). Free chips and salsa was provided - excellent salsa with a good kick and lots of cilantro flavor. The chips weren't homemade and were very typical.

The tacos were fantastic - I loved the beef cheek meat - very much like short ribs as others have stated - but tons of big beef flavor. The tortillas were soft, but not soggy like I've seen. Overall very impressed and the price was great considering chips and salsa were included.

Taco & Salsa photos

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  1. Great spot. Love their cabeza.

    Cabeza (literally head) is not just cheeks. It is the whole head of a cow, braised, meat pulled off, then crisped up when it is served.

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    1. re: StriperGuy

      IMO, the best Mexi outside of Boston, I think they put their local competition (Taqueria Mexico) to shame. The Beef Tongue is to die for, always excellent flavor and moist. It would be more enjoyable with a Pacifico but I can survive with a Jarritos Mandarin.

      1. re: jinx1832

        When it's good it's great. I have had some off flavors there some times. Jalisco in Eastie is also excellent.

        1. re: jinx1832

          I've recently been to both el Amigo and Mexico recently. While I think el Amigo had a slight edge for flavor, the setting at Tacqueria el Mexico was nicer, and I'd be more likely to bring a small group and/or kids there. I didn't think it was such a step down. Certainly better than almost everything else in the Boston area, except as noted by StriperGuy and Hidden Boston below.

          1. re: justbeingpolite

            Yah, I am a fan of Taqueria Mexico as well.

        2. re: StriperGuy

          I really love their chicken, I rarely order chicken when dinning out but at Amigo I can't seem not to! It is nicely seasoned.

        3. Great report! I put this place in my top 5 in the Boston area, along with Angela's in Eastie, Cafe Azteca in Lawrence, La Siesta in Winthrop, and Taqueria Mexico in Waltham. Tough to choose a #1 with all those places, but Amigo is right up there.

          1. Definitely table service, very nice waitress. Earlier you would probably have found several tables full of mostly Central Americans. They do have paper takeout menus, maybe they were out of them.