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Where to buy Bagels in Phoenix?

I was back in San Francisco recently and rekindled an old love affair with the fresh chewy goodness that is Noah's Bagels.

Alas, I am now back in Phoenix and I haven't found anything even close to them here in the desert.

Talk to me. Where can I get my fix? And please, please, please don't say Einstein's.

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    1. My understanding is that Einstein's owns Noahs.

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        I have been duped. Perhaps my nostalgia for college-era Berkeley Noah's (wow, it really was a long time ago) has blinded me to the truth.

        Thank you for pointing that out.

      2. Try Karsh's - 7th Street and Missouri. One of my favorites

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          If you like a chewy, slightly crusty (boiled then baked) bagel...here are 3 places to try.
          Big City Bagels on Hayden and FLW , New York Bagels and Bialys on GoldDust and Scottsdale Rd, and Lox Stock and Bagel on McCormick Parkway and Hayden. All 3 locations are in Scottsdale. If you are looking for a traditional Eastern European style bagel.......check these places out!

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            I can't speak for their bagel quality. But I can say I ordered a pastrami on sourdough bread, a "bowl" of minestrone. It cost me $12. Too much dressing, and the meat was surprisingly bland. The minestrone was about 8 oz for 3.50, which actually tasted decent and felt great on a cold Saturday approaching noon. The service was nice, and the manager as well as the cashier were very friendly and informative. Normally that would be reason enough for me to try again, but I was just hugely disappointed at the quality and the quantity of my meal.

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                Yeah, what hohokam said! We'd like to know - There are three resto's referenced above (I know Karsh's doesn't serve sandwiches or soup)

          2. My favorite AZ bagels are Back East Bagels at 1628 E Southern Ave, Tempe. I'm a bagel maven and prefer mine hot from the oven to toasted, and Back East's are very good. Saves me a trip to H&H, and is locally owned. http://www.backeastbagels.com/

            1. It's got to be Chompies, especially if you grew up eating egg bagels only to have them disappear once the chains took over. Chompies has it all, and their cream cheese and lox rock. I love their bagels so much that I never get around to ordering much from their sweet bakery side.
              The restaurant is busy, and I have a hard time not staring at the pre-9-11 mural on the wall, but where else can I get a Coney Island knish and a vanilla egg cream?