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Diced pancetta?

Got a 4-oz package from Trader Joe's -- what are your favorite ways of using this?

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  1. Supermarkets also sell that same package (Citterio). It freezes well. I usually sautee an ounce of it per person, adding to the pan onions, garlic, oil, whatever vegetable is handy, and some milk or cream, then toss it with pasta and some parmesan.

    My other main use is again sauteed with onion and garlic, then adding chard or other greens, a little chicken broth and balsamic, and braising the greens till tender.

    1. There are many pasta recipes that use diced pancetta. Also soups

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        I was thinking the dice is too small for a carbonara, then my brain froze.

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          No, I have used it for a carbonara before and it's fine. And it does freeze well. I've also used it in egg dishes or sauteed and sprinkled over salads.

      2. I use it the same way I use lardons - in pastas (top with sauteed pancetta after tossing pasta in whatever sauce to prevent it from getting soggy), pizzas, salads, egg dishes, roasted with veggies (broccoli, Brussels srouts, zucchini come to mind)... Or just eat them for a snack.

        1. Saute with chicken to give the chicken a smokey flavor.

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            pancetta, generally, is not smoked.

            but with all its flavor, i don't miss it.

          2. I find it perfect for carbonara. It's also a great flavor layer for bolognese sauce. I also saute it with wild mushrooms when I have them, for linguini or tagliatelle or risotto. Excellent, too, sauteed with a little onion and then tossed with peas, for a good side dish (or add cream and parmesan and use it for yet another pasta dish). Good sauteed with shrimp. Added to the pan in which you cook a pot roast. Tossed into a german-style potato salad. Possibilities really are endless.

            1. Makes great pizza topping.

              1. Fried up some the other day and scrambled up some eggs, added it to the pan, delicious!

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                  Last night I dared cooking without a recipe. I too fried up about 3 Tb pancetta, then added some chopped shallots and sliced mushrooms -- beat up eggs and poured in. Not quite an omelet but delicious nonetheless!
                  Thanks to all for your suggestions.

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                    Sarah, if you liked your impromptu non-recipe above, you must try this strata recipe. It's just a step beyond what you did with your eggs (a few more ingredients), but I am hooked on it...in fact, I just made this recipe this morning (except with asparagus instead of broccoli). Pancetta is fantastic in eggs!


                    P.S. Just curious, can you not just buy a slice of pancetta where you are and dice it yourself? I just go to the deli and ask for a thick slice and dice it myself. FYI.

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                      The Citterio brand package comes in a nice small dice. I thought the same thing and got some at the butcher shop - once I got it home I checked and found the per/lb price was the same. So now I save myself the extra effort.

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                        Interesting--that's a good thing to know. I believe Citterio is the same brand I get by the slice in the deli. Thanks!

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                        The strata sounds good for a brunch, which I'll try (since there's an actual recipe). I bought the pancetta because I was at TJ's and it was there, all diced up and seductive looking...! Then reality hit, it's really a verrry small dice!
                        Thanks for all the help.

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                          I can't buy pancetta by the slice :(

                          Per Karl S's suggestion I used pancetta rather than bacon (nonsmoked versus smoked) as a substitue for salt pork when I made clam chowder recently.

                    2. Is there any where on line where I can puschase this. I live 2 hours away from Trader Joe's.

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                        It's refrigerated so I don't know about online sources. However, I found it recently at ShopRite.