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Jul 30, 2009 10:16 AM

Fuzhou Fish Noodles in Chinatown?

Anybody know of a place in the East Broadway area of Chinatown that serves Fuzhou fish noodle soup? I'm not talking about noodles with Fuzhou fish balls or noodles with sliced fish. Rather this seems to be a different kind of noodle that is either fish flavored, or more likely based on a crunchier texture, contains some kind of fish powder in the noodle. I encountered this dish at a Fuzhou style restaurant in Orlando, and imagine it would be found somewhere in Manhattan Chinatown.

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  1. Lau may have provided an answer to this question in another post where he made an incidental reference to a Fuzhou style restaurant called Zheng's Family on East Broadway. It turns out that the place in Orlando is also called Zheng's Family, so they may be related. I still wonder if these "fish noodles" are actually partially made out of fish. Does anybody know?

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      I bought fresh Fuzhou "fish noodles" at a fish market on Grand. The package said they contained fish in the noodle.