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Jul 30, 2009 10:04 AM

dim sum parlor tea cups with lids???? NYC and Long Island

They're without handles and not made of plastic .I've been to Pearl River In NYC as well as V&T's In Hempstead NY. They are def not a MUG but sort of a cup or small lidded bowl

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  1. Kam Man @ 200 Canal Street has these...not to mentiona huge selection of chinese food ingredients, teas, cookware etc...

    you can also find them (they're called guywans) at many of the online fine tea's an example from specialteas...

    a google search for guywans will turn up more sources...

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      wow!!!! they are costly,is there restaurant quality???? NYC ir Flushing ? Thanks

      1. re: scunge

        Interesting spelling on specialteas' website. That certainly helps with the pronunciation. The proper Chinese PinYin would be “Gai Wan”.

        I got a mid-size purple clay (well, dark porous clay) Gai Wan a while back for 5 dollars and another for $25 in a ceramic shop next to the school on Mulberry between Bayard and Canal (closer to Bayard) in Manhattan's Chinatown. It's th have shop that always have display of some clay teapots and cups, and pots for planting just outside their store.

        Lots of interesting stuff inside the store.

    2. This video demonstrates the use of a gaiwan--

      And there is some discussion of the gaiwan on eGullet--