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Jul 30, 2009 10:02 AM

Underwhelmed at Father’s Office

Last night I finally had a chance to go to Father’s Office in Santa Monica. I keep seeing their name on lists of “Best Burgers in LA”. So I order “The Office Burger” and a side of Frites. The fries were more like warm potato straws, interesting change of pace, but not my fry of choice. Now the burger, the bun was fresh, the grilled onions, while good, were a little overwhelming. The biggest problem was the burger itself. The patty had the consistence of meatloaf. Very dense and over ground, like meat particleboard. And while I like that for meatloaf, I hate it in burgers. So I won’t be going back. The pork-pie hatted hipster crowd did help either. But if the food rocked I could deal with that, but it doesn’t.

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  1. If you do go back (which it sounds like you probably won't), try the sweet potato fries. The regular fries aren't really my preference in fry style either. As for the burger, to each his own, but it remains at the top of my short list of LA burgers. It's still one of the only places where I can consistently (although not always) get my burger cooked rare as ordered.

    1. Meatloaf? I honestly find it hard to believe that the FO burger could be compared to meatloaf. How did you get it cooked? Anything over medium is a killjoy. The burgers I've had were never that dense. They were thick yes, but juicy and a joy to eat. And yes, get the sweet potato fries. Their beer selection is also great.

      1. I also have to skip the burger, but it's because of my aversion to onions. I had the FO Burger three times, and always liked the meat, but the onions kill it for me. Hey, I tried!

        Now, the duck prosciutto salad on the other hand is my favorite salad in town. So good with a nice beer! I'm an FO fan.

        1. You need to give FO one more chance.

          Go to the other FO location, at Helms. The crowd is considerably less hipper than thou. It's a lot more spacious.

          As mentioned by another hound earlier, don't get the regular fries, get the sweet potato fries. And get the burger medium rare.

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            i've been to the SM location a lot and i love the burger. BUT i went to culver city once (fairly recently) and the burger was different. it was bigger, denser, and incredibly salty. even though i think this was probably just some new staff in the kitchen or some other random mistake - i will not go back there. it was so bad, i couldn't even eat the second half. also, i order the burger medium and at CC location, but they made it medium well and took on the meatloaf consistency. but that's how burgers are. you need to eat it a bit red to achieve a soft mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

            oh - and agree about the fries. but the sweet potato fries are the bomb.

          2. The original comment has been removed