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Jul 30, 2009 09:55 AM

Mexican or Cuban in Tampa btwn Busch Gardens and Rocky Point?

The fam will be travelling to Tampa this weekend for a Busch Gardens trip.

Think we'll eat at Pinky's for breakfast before heading to the park, but looking for a good, causal place to eat with tired kids on the way back to the hotel (on Rocky Point, off Hwy 60.) Thinking Cuban or Mexican, but we're open if there's something fantastic on our way.

Sunday, we're planning on heading up to Yummy House for some great chineese, as a result of reading the Huge thread debating the finer points between China Yuan and Yummy House on this Board!

Any suggestions of a good Mexican, Cuban or other dinner place?
Any recs on what to order at Pinky's or Yummy House?

Thanks all!

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  1. Mexican Food - The Taco Bus is my favorite Mexican in the area. Fantastic tacos and agua frescas. Their address and menu is on their website.

    At Yummy House, my two favorites are their Salt and Pepper Tofu and their West Lake Beef Soup.

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    1. re: TampaAurora

      Fantastic! It looks like the Taco Bus is exactly on our route from Busch Gardens to the hotel--a huge plus with exhausted kids! Thanks!

    2. Those are two of my very fave restaurants, leslieolson!

      At Pinky's, the frittatas are great (and a big plate of food), the eggs benedict (a couple of varieties) are AMAZING (fresh, house-made Hollandaise), the regular and blueberry pancakes are great. The oatmeal pancakes are the only slightly disappointing thing on the menu, so skip those.

      You can't go wrong at Yummy House, but do NOT miss the Salt & Pepper Calamari whatever you do. The Spicy Seafood Pot, the Scallops with Chinese Greens (you can ask for Chinese broccoli instead of bok choy), and the Grouper in Spicy XO sauce (which is delicious, but not spicy) are our favorites. The only disappointment has been some variety of crispy roll, I don't remember which--it was just OK, whereas everything else is always stellar.

      Make a reservation at Yummy House! They're packed on weekend nights.


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      1. re: Miss E

        Miss E- those are great recs. The little ones adore pancakes, so we will definitely do that.
        We are agoing to yummy house for Sunday lunch. Do you think we should make reservations for that time?

      2. For a reasonable, family friendly Cuban place there is Las Margaritas on Hillsborough .
        Not a fancy place, lots of parking in back. The roast pork and roast chicken are both great and full of garlic goodness. They have a very nice media noche. Their tossed salad which comes with meals is pretty worthless, so I just skip it. While there are many Spanish speakers usually dining, English is no problem at all.

        1. So we're back from Tampa. The things I loved:
          Pinky's: super thick homemade bacon. rosemary flecked home fries. neighborhood vibe. Not crazy about the hollandaise sauce-perhaps just an "off" day.
          Taco Bus: the bus. the latina waitress confused with gringos ordering strange things for kids in english. the crispy pork bits. watching my 8 year old revel in making her taco. the vegan tamale.
          Yummy House: Salt and Pepper Calamari! Oh my lord! Salt and pepper tofu. Walnut shrimp (ostensibly for the kids but I ate way too much of it.)
          The bubble tea shop in the same strip mall with Yummy House (was it called Got Tea?): How fun was that? Never had bubble tea before. However, boba with their grapefruit green tea was a bit of an odd combo, I have to say. Liked it anyway though.