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Dutch condiments

I'm looking for a product called "Conimex Ketjap Manis." Anyone know where this can be found in the GTA?

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  1. try T&T as this is an indonesian based product...

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      T&T carries some products from Indonesia but does not carry any Conimex products. They do have a 1 litre bottle Ketjap Manis for $5.77 but not the Conimex brand. Kitfo's suggestion for the "Holland Store" is bang on.

    2. Dutch Dreams, the ice cream place at Vaughan & St Clair. Try them.

      1. You could try:

        Holland Store
        2542 Weston Road
        (416) 247-8659

        It's one of the only places in Toronto I've ever seen fritessaus or paprika crisps, too.

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          Can you get 'bitter balls' there too?

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            Do they sell the fries with the onions, mayo and the special sauce there?

          2. Reither's deli on Church St. carries it. I saw it there today when I was shopping for mustard.

              1. Think that No Frills or Loblaws has it.

                1. There is a fairly new Dutch store in Whitby. Byron St. S, just south of Dundas St (Hwy 2)

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                    Can you tell me more about the new dutch store in whitby? Is it an import store? bakery? deli?. I am in Pickering and have been looking for a good place to buy all of our Dutch goodies!

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                      It is the second location of The Village Bakeshop in Orono. They have baked goods, imported cheeses and dry goods...

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                        I drove by it the other day and thought the signage looked very similar to the Village Bakeshop in Orono. Now I'm going to have to stop by tomorrow and see what's what. Thanks for the clarification!

                  2. The Dutch Store at Roseland Plaza in Burlington carries all the conimex condiments

                    1. Both of the grocery stores in St. Lawrence Market carry Ketjap, as does Dinah's cupboard.

                      1. Not sure if you're just looking for ketjap manis, or the Conimex ketjap manis in particular... but if it is ketjap manis you're looking for, I don't suggest the Conimex brand as a great version of it. Ketjap should have a thick consistency... like honey! ABC brand is from Indonesia and is more similar to what it should be like, although neither of the two have the spices used to make a really good ketjap manis.