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Jul 30, 2009 09:39 AM

Finger Lakes - Current!

Hello all,

Most of the recs on this board are fairly dated. What is not to be missed? All cuisines are fine and we would prefer a fairly casual atmosphere. Price is not too much of a factor unless it is very formal. We will be camping.

Also, any wineries that are especially tasty, interesting, scenic? Our tastes do not necessarily run towards the sweet wine the region is known for, but we are open to everything.


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  1. Where in the Finger Lakes will you be? It's a pretty big region. I can give you Ithaca recs if you'll be near there, but not so much in other areas.

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      We'll be on the west side of Cayuga Lake and plan on spending some time in Ithaca.

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        Since you will be on the west side of Cayuga you should go to Trumansburg and eat at Hazelnut Kitchen - it may be the best restaurant in the FL. Also in Tburg: a nice bar called the Pourhouse with a good selection of beers and tasty bar food. And a branch of Gimme! coffee.

        For wines on the west side of Cayuga I would put Sheldrake Point and Hosmer at the top, but it is easy to nip over to Seneca where there are many good choices.

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          For a winery with great views/setting, I'd suggest Sheldrake Point or Goose Watch. For tasty wines, Lucas is probably my favorite, I like pretty much everything they have to offer. Those are all along the west side of Cayuga. I also agree with all of the Ithaca recs that those below have mentioned. Just a Taste is probably the most unique, so I'd definitely recommend going there.

      2. Two faves in Ithaca -
        Just a Taste - Tapas bar on N Aurora St downtown. Fabulous for some delightful sangria and a TON of tasty small plates. Their menu changes all the time, but I've never had anything that I disliked in the least!

        Maxie's Supper Club - W State Street - Kind of a 'nawlins' cuisine type place, although they've got a pretty diverse and interesting menu. Great bar drinks - wonderful BBQ shrimp, good oysters also. Good service - can get very busy though.

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          Agreed 100% on Just a Taste ( I'm not as crazy about Maxie's, but that's mostly because I don't eat seafood, which leaves me with very limited options there. My (seafood-eating) family loves it. They've also got live music on Sunday nights which can be very good.
          There's quite a few Thai restaurants in Ithaca; my current favorite is Taste of Thai downtown on the Commons: Right across from that is Madeline's, which is a standout for desserts: Moosewood (in the Dewitt Mall downtown) is pretty famous and might be worth a stop if you're vegetarian, but there's better food around. I find them a little too crunchy-granola for my taste. ( Ithaca Bakery and Collegetown Bagels (same company) do great sandwiches, bagels, and baked goods; I always make sure to stop by there when I'm in town: Last time I was in town I had an outstanding meal at Hazelnut Kitchen in Trumansburg (20 minutes outside Ithaca): It's fairly upscale, and their desserts are fantastic too.
          If you're there on a weekend, check out the farmer's market: To be honest, it's my favorite place to get breakfast/lunch. Apple cider donut from Littletree Orchards, breakfast burrito from Solaz or a Belgian waffle from Cactus Heads, egg rolls from Asian Taste, monkey bread from Just Desserts, coffee from Gimme! - mix & match for a great meal. Live music a lot of the time, and gorgeous scenery.

        2. Hazelnut Kitchen and Simply Red at Sheldrake are excellent. On the east side of Seneca (about 15 minutes away), Dano's Heuriger and Stonecat Cafe are very good, informal places. A must stop is Cayuga Creamery (ice cream) near Interlaken. Also, Kidder's Landing is right on Cayuga, south of Sheldrake - nice views, only had drinks and an appetizer for lunch. Around Lodi on Seneca Lake, Lamoreaux Landing, King's Garden, and Shalestone (just reds) are the better wine options. Head for the beer at Wagner. In Ithaca, two other casual options near Just a Taste include Bluestone Bar & Grill and the Ithaca Ale House.