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Jul 30, 2009 09:32 AM

Casual dining in Kennebunkport

Will be staying in Oqunquit, but would like to have a casual dinner in Kennebunkport one evening. I would appreciate several recommendations for a reasonably priced restaurant with a varied menu(mainly seafood would be OK).

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  1. On Cape Porpoise, the Ramp, which is a very casual place behind and underneath Pier 77. Great food and service. Also, Bandaloop near the center of Kennebunkport has interesting food and is casual.

    1. Mabel's in Kennebunkport is always solid. Allison's does a great lobster roll.

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        I'm going to whole heartidly second Mabels. Some of the best fried clams and blueberry pie. Yum. We have never been dissapointed here and just love this little spot just off the main hustle & bustle in Kennebunk.

      2. This is a place I thought you might like. ( It has a real nice view ,and I dint think the prices are that high. Check the web site. Ive eaten there once about 2 years ago and found it to be good and had a nice time. Hope this gives you some other choice. There is a rather casual place there also called Federal Jacks I will send you the web site and you can check it out for yourselves, I have never eaten there, so am not recommending it one way or the other.You can look at the website and decide on you own.( Good luck! Earle

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          I agree with the recommendations for the Ramp as well as Bandaloop. I also enjoy sitting on the deck on the pier on a gorgeous summer day at the Arundel Inn. I always enjoy their lobster roll with lunch with a nice glass of white wine