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Jul 30, 2009 09:25 AM

Thinking about Fat Cat options?

I find it so difficult to go to the Fat Cat and not order the lobster mac & cheese. I've sampled the ribs and the fries and that's about it. So, today I'm looking to order something different. Thinking about crab cakes and cajun fries or the blackened chicken pasta. Anyone have any better suggestions?

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  1. I really like the cheese steak there. Good-quality steak used, and a nice mix of peppers, onions, cheese, and mushrooms. The deep-fried pickles are very good as well!

    1. Lobster and Crab meat nachos are delicious!!!! If you are a veggie lover, their vegetarian sampler entree is amazing, huge, and downright awesome.

      1. The burgers are delicious.

        The wings are delicious, too. Make sure you ask for them well done if you like em crispy.

        The cold ahi tuna app is great.

        You turned me on to the lobster and crab wrap. Pretty good too.

        The ribs -- I just had them for the first time last week -- were excellent and a bargain.

        My friend is a fan of the shuttle salad with chicken or steak.

        If they have a filet special I usually get that. Always excellent.

        1. Their burgers are great. I also like the deep fried dill pickles, and I had the mussel appetizer which was outstanding as well.

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            i have had most things at fat cat and i like many of them, buti had the burger theat fat cat the other day. and i dont think i could have hated the roll any more than i did before. i had to give the burg another chance and wasnt too happy afterward.

            1. re: messyheat

              I agree that the bun isn't great. I have ordered it on a sub roll and that's loads bettter IMO

          2. I was torn between the mussels and the crab cakes so when the owner recommended the crab cakes I went with it. They were good, nice crab flavor, crispy coating and a spicy remoulade for dipping. Added blackened fries and it was a meal. I absolutely love this place and should go more often. It has a great buzz to it. People are happy, enjoying good food and I think the staff encourages the happy vibe. Of course, I didn't really end with the crab cakes, I got a take out of ribs and a few desserts to try. The bread pudding was special especially when you added the caramel sauce and the chocolate walnut torte was decadent. Next time, I'll go for the burger, or maybe the mussels, or the baked haddock or.... you get the drift. This is a great place and we're fortunate to have it in Quincy.