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Jul 30, 2009 09:21 AM

What used to be the Dressing Room

Does anyone know what, if anything, has gone into the space where The Dressing Room used to be on Ventura (Sherman Oaks)?

While it was expensive, I have a craving for a salad I can put together myself. Someone mentioned that the same "concept" might be going back in.

Short of that - anyone have any updated suggestions for a good salad in the Studio City/Sherman Oaks area?


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  1. I drove by it today and it is under construction. There is signage up, however I forget exactly what the name was. It had some reference to "carving" and "grilling", IIRC.

    1. Watercress on Ventura Blvd. about a block east of Woodman (north side of street) has excellent salads. (Nothing you build yourself, but they offer a wide variety & everything is very fresh & tasty). A great place for lunch. In terms of a salad bar, the Whole Foods in Sherman Oaks (Sepulveda one) is very solid.