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Jul 30, 2009 09:18 AM

Hudson River Hangouts: Sunset Cove and Tiki Bar

After reading this blog, I looked to see if Sunset Cove had its' own thread and was unable to locate one (If I missed one-Sorry).
"Harried commuters may disagree, but for many Westchester residents, the Tappan Zee Bridge is more than a traffic eyesore; it serves as a majestic backdrop for summertime cocktails and al fresco dining along the Hudson. ........"

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  1. Definitely try the old Chart House - can't think of the new name - they did a great job...

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      Half Moon, lots of talk about that place on other threads here.

    2. Your point is? Do you have a personal review of Sunset Cove, or are you just posting Westchester Magazine's description of it for some reason?