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Jul 30, 2009 08:46 AM

Huitlacoche in Durham?

I've always be intrigued by this Mexcan delicacy and wondered what it tastes like. With the huge increase in hispanic population and the resulting tiendas I was wondering if anyone knew of someplace that sold it fresh. The article link below says it grows best in hot, drought conditions like we are experincing now.

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  1. It tastes like a smutty mushroom. I am rather fond of it. Never seen it fresh, but you should try it from a can, you'll like it.

    1. FWIW - I think that the "fresh" version is not available on American-grown corn due to bio-engineering (if that's the right phrase). I would be surprised if you can find the fresh version locally, but if you do, please post back, as I'll be in the area at Christmas. You might want to search the General Topics board for more thoughts on what it tastes like/how to get it via mail order - which is what we do, but canned.