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Can you guess this caviar and where to buy it in RI?

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I went to Sakura in Providence and had great sushi. One piece my friend ordered had the most lovely red caviar on top. Tiny eggs which tasted so good! I think it's the best caviar I've ever tasted. But the waitress didn't know what kind it was, and I don't either. Does anyone have any ideas? And secondly, where can I get it?

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  1. If by "tiny" you mean approximately the size of poppy seeds, then that's tobiko, or flying fish roe. I've always thought of it as more of a color/texture accent than as "delicious" in its own right, but to each his own.

    I don't know about sourcing it in RI. The Asian markets on Broad St. are Viet/Lao/Cambodian; I can't think of a predominantly Japanese one.

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      I guess I should not have said "tiny". The eggs werent that small, but smaller than salmon roe. The taste was sweet, not as salty as some caviars. I think I could eat it for days.

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        Here ya go:
        Its called Flying Fish Roe, AKA Tobiko
        it comes in Red,Orange,Black and Green the latter is flavored with Wasabi you can purchase it at most Asian Food Stores . Its called Tobiko because Caviar is salted fish roe. this isnt salted as much as not to cure it.

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          Where have you bought or seen tobiko in Providence? Please be specific.

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            There is an Asian espically in Japanese food on Park Ave in Cranston never saw the name but go there a lot.