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Jul 30, 2009 07:47 AM

Just a man and his dog

The wife is out of town for a girls weekend and I'm left alone with the puppy. I figure me and the dog would recreate our favorite stay at home past time out on the town: we like to sit together, drink beer and watch the O's game.

Here's my question: what places in town have dog-friendly patio's WITH access to TV's showing the O's game?

My two favorites places for outside dining are Duda's and the new patio at Dizzie Izzies. But neither have TV's outside or visible.

Am I asking too much?

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  1. If there is anything more than what's in this thread, I'd like to know as well.

    1. Ok, I'm answering this with one of those silly I haven't been in years caveats, but if it's beer, dog, and O's game on the tube that you're after, you may be able to do this at the Wharf Rat in Fells Point. You may need to eat on a patio with the pooch prior to the O's game somewhere else, though.

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      1. re: baltoellen

        Baltoellen - are you implying that the Wharf Rat will allow dogs inside? If so, your data may be outdated. Although the laws remain constant, the health department's *enforcement* of the dog laws seems to sway between the dog owners and dog complainers. It appears in the past 9 months or so, the dog complainers have the upper hand and the health dept has cracked down big time. (Coincidentally this occurred during my own transition from a dog complainer to a dog owner. Bad timing). It is now rare to find a place that serves food that will allow dogs inside.

        Who knows, maybe in another 9 months, the winds of change will blow and places like Koopers and the Thirsty Dog will be dog friendly inside again.

        But for now, I may be reduced to either a place with a TV outside (anyone?!?) or perhaps a bar that does not serve food. Does anyone have experiences with non-food serving bars and their dog policies?

        1. re: KAZ

          That is what I was implying, but I forgot to add another caveat that we live in perhaps the dog unfriendliest city ever. I do know that in the past, I had my dogs in the Wharf Rat.

          1. re: KAZ

            You can bring dogs into Iggies, but there are no TV's. It IS BYOB though.