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Jul 30, 2009 07:43 AM

Cheap eats in Laval?

My thrifty brother is on a work assignment and is staying in the Laval section. Looking for recommendations for inexpensive places for lunch and dinner.

He is not especially adventurous when it comes to eating but he does love hole in the wall "joints" where the locals eat.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Laval is a really big city. It's actually a bunch of villages that have fused together and the city covers a lot of square mileage. Can you tell us what part of the city he is in?

    1. Yes it would help to know which area of Laval he's gonna be staying in.

      Here's two that I really enjoy though:

      Smart Burger
      2159 Curé Labelle

      The website has all the information you need (located in the Chomedey sector).

      What's nice is they use AAA canadian meat (cut and grounded right at the restaurant in front of you), organic vegetables. They also have two homemade sauces for the burgers (both are delicious), and two homemade sauces for the fries (I recommend the dried tomatoes one, it's a must). The staff is very friendly and nice.

      For the best poutine (yes even better than the Montreal ones like Banquise), you need to try Chez Gérard Patates in Fabreville sector (there's two other ones in Laval but they do not have the same recipes, don't be fooled!).

      Chez Gérard
      385 Boulevard Curé-Labelle

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        There's also Arouch (armenian pizza) that's pretty good and very inexpensive :
        3467 St-Martin O. (near the corner of St-Martin and Chomedey)

        You can look for their website as well for more information.

      2. Here are my picks:
        -Karoun for lebanese/armenian
        -Village Grec, Tripoli, Marathon or Atomic for mostly greek but Atomic also offers subs/pizza
        Other decent options include:
        -Khyber pass for afghani
        -Tandoori Xpress and Tandoori Palace for indian

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        1. re: hungryann

          Thanks for your suggestions so far! He's working with the ADF Group on rue Henry Bessemer in Terrebonne so I'm assuming his hotel is on that side of Laval? But what do I know!

          1. re: hungryann

            Tried Karoon and it was excellent.

            Can you tell me more about KHYBER please. Never tried afgan food.

            1. re: maj54us

              Khyber Pass in Laval is the second location; original resto being on Duluth. I have not been to either but the original location gets praise on the board and presumably the Laval location should be as good. The menu is the same at both places.

              1. re: maj54us

                Here's the restaurant's website:

                The food strikes me as closer to Turkish and Iranian than to Pakistani-Indian, though since the country has long been a crossroads, all kinds of influences are present.

                1. re: maj54us

                  I've been to both locations and they are both very good. Anything with lamb is a great bet, although the filet mignon kebab is very good too.

                  Think somewhere in between Middle Eastern fare and Indian food.

                  1. re: stevenmansour

                    Khyber Pass sounds wonderful but I don't think the bro would feel comfortable there. Guess I'm looking for places more downscale. He's a blue collar kind of guy and prefers very casual places-the kind of places where the blue collar locals would go for good and healthy food (not a lot of fried stuff).

                    1. re: mtm7654

                      How about Déjeuner Cosmopolitain - good, casual, inexpensive, not upscale, healthy options. I'm pretty sure they've reopened after their fire a few years back but you could call to be sure. Great breakfast, brunch & lunch.

                      3208 St-Martin W.
                      Laval, Qc H7T 1A1

                        1. re: Werzoth

                          Awesome! Thanks. I used to go there all the time until the fire. Now I go to their Pointe-Claire branch.

              2. I also strongly recommend Falafel Freiha. A hole-in-the-wall mom and pop place that does just falafel in pita sandwiches. Super fresh because they are fried a batch a time. There is nothing else on offer there so you got to love falafel! Very cheap: 2.50$ per sandwich (tx incl).

                1. Would he like a good Montreal style Smoked Meat sandwich?

                  Georges Deli..

                  Address: 3750 Boul. St-Martin Ouest, Laval, Quebec h7t 1b1, Canada
                  Phone: (450)681-7957

                  Supposedly owner was former employee of famous Schwartz's smoked meat on St.Laurent blvd. (Montreal). I wouldn't call this healthy food though... but it "hits" the spot.

                  And the feel is vintage 1992 too.

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                  1. re: J1836

                    I agree about George's smoked meat in Laval. I live north of Laval & I don't think you can find a better smoked meat ANYWHERE off the island of Montreal!! You can't beat one of their "large" sandwiches with a great Cott black cherry!! ..... Fries are pretty good too.

                    1. re: J1836

                      Thanks all-but I later found out that he was only in Montreal for a short time-as opposed to the months he spent in Nova Scotia. He enjoyed his time there and took lots of pictures. He also had his truck stolen, finding out the hard way that thieves target USA plates. Live and learn!