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Jul 30, 2009 07:40 AM

Fav place to eat in Columbia

What is your favorite place to eat in the Columbia Area? I am looking for everyday places, nothing too fancy or expensive.

Thanks for the tips.

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  1. I am talking about Columbia SOUTH CAROLINA! Sorry! Thanks!

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    1. re: suzroberts

      My favorites are Rockaway's and Rush's for burgers, Zesto's and Rosewood Dairy bar for fried/broasted chicken.

      1. re: scbuzz

        Rockaways! Spent many, many hours there when I lived in Columbia - I've not been since the fire, though. Hope the ambiance nor the pimento burgers have suffered due to the change. :-)

        Zesto's is also an institution. I would think someone like Guy Fieri would love that place (hint hint, suzroberts).

    2. Mediterranean Tea Room on Devine Street - grilled fish, chicken, greek salad, hummus etc.
      Za's Pizza also on Devine
      DiPrato's Deli on Pickens - good for lunch/brunch, closed at 6:00. Sandwiches, salads, quality deli items and a pretty patio; yummy brunch food
      Nice N Natural up by USC - great salads, sandwiches only open for lunch