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Jul 30, 2009 06:47 AM

Seafood in Fort Lauderdale: Please recommend. Thanks!

I'm heading to Ft. Lauderdale this weekend, and I am a huge seafood fan. My friend said his workmates recommended we go to "the crab shack". I am certain that is a chain and in my experience you can always find better food for the same price, or less, in a better atmosphere when avoiding chains all together. That is, if you ask the right people, and you all are the right people.

That being said, I'm not against chains if they are the best value overall.

I'd love to find a place that had amazingly fresh, tasty seafood (shellfish!), but is under $30 a main for the priciest stuff on the menu. Atmosphere is a bonus, but I'm more the type to focus on the quality of the food.

Thank you to all those respond ahead of time.

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  1. We really like Calypso in Ft. Lauderdale for very fresh and interesting Caribbean style seafood. Super casual and moderately priced.

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    1. re: pilches

      Do you mean CALYPSO RESTAURANT 460 South Cypress Road Pompano Beach, or Cafe Calypso, 6190 W Oakland Park Blvd. Fort Lauderdale?

      1. re: dbarnard

        I meant Calypso Restaurant on Cypress Road. I forgot it's in Pompano Beach and not Ft. Lauderdale.

    2. I recommend 3030 Oceon in the Mariott Harbor Beach. It has is nice atmosphere with views of the ocean. May be toward the high end of the price scale, but I believe within your budget. Try the tuna tartar served in a coconut shell with coconut cream.

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        I second 3030, and raise you Tuna's Bar and Grill , not really in Fort Lauderdale but worth the drive...17850 West Dixie Highway
        North Miami Beach, FL 33160

        I agree with gblcsw regarding Rustic Inn Crab House! Good seafood, fresh seafood and cold beer in a casual setting

      2. Perhaps your friend meant the Rustic Inn Crab House...A neat place on the water, table tops covered with newspaper, all kinds of crabsand other seafood...Very unique.

        1. What ever you do avoid 17th street Fisheries. What a tourist trap! I also agree with Calypso in Pompano Beach,not Ft.Lauderdale.

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          1. re: Happyone

            Has anyone else been to the Rustic Inn Crab house? is it really tasty or just unique? LOL It sounds like it could be what my friend is looking for, though by the sounds of it Calypso sounds like a place to go for me as I love Caribbean food as well.

            1. re: newtothegame

              Don't go to calypso for carribean!! Maybe some of the fish dishes are good but the carrribean dishes are HORRIBLE and a lame excuse. I do like the south port raw bar though. If you like carribean There is a really good jamaican place off 101st behind the metro bus terminal. BBQ style jerk and fish escoviche!

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              I think you might mean the 15th Street Fisheries. Don't know of any on 17th St.

            3. rustic crab inn is a fun place to go.

              my favorite seafood restaurant in south florida is Fin & Claw in Lighthouse Point.

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                Rustic inn is good....better come hungry and ready to get messy!