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Jul 30, 2009 06:43 AM

Ignore a user

I enjoy reading these boards but I think an ignore feature should be implemented.

I'm sick of seeing several users posts who make the same statements or recommendations over and over again. They wouldn't necessarily be saying anything that is worth reporting, but the repetitive nature of their responses just isn't worth the time.

Such a feature would really be beneficial in filtering out these kinds of posts (as well as any other annoyances), and overall, make browsing the boards easier and more pleasant.

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  1. Gee, Air, tell us how you really feel! I think it is up to each one of us to ignore posters that annoy us. As far as making the same recs over and over - well, if that is a favorite spot it is really hard not to. There is also the fact that the same questions get asked over and over again - "first time in [insert city here]. Where should I eat?" That sort of drives me crazy. There are also the posters that ask for recs and then trash every single thing you offer up. Just can't be pleased. Even so, I know who I like to read and who I don't, so I have a built in ignore button. Oh, and I like your posts, but they are mostly on a side of town I never go to.


    1. I considered ignoring your post. (kidding!).

      As Danhole say's above, when you see the posting handle you aren't interested in then skip over them and go on to someone else. Of course you just never know when someone will surprise you with a great recommendation that you were unaware of. That's Chowhound. You just never know what someone will come up with next.

      1. It's a fairly common feature on other forums and I have used it to block out certain posters that tended to be offensive. I hadn't noticed it was missing here, because it hasn't yet been an issue for me.

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        1. re: Sooeygun

          It's not necessarily that they are offensive, and being repetitive was just a small part of what bothered me. Overall it is the lack of relevant content in the posts, which are no more than just words thrown into the discussion that don't add any value. It would be nice to have a way to easily skim over these posts without actively thinking "oh I should ignore this person"

        2. I don’t like the idea of an “Ignore” feature.

          The person being ignored could essentially be written out of a conversation without even knowing it. Their postings, however relevant or irrelevant, would not be seen, and depending on how many people “ignored” that poster, they could effectively be left talking to the wall.

          It could ultimately be used to form cliques where a group of posters talk only amongst themselves and newer chowhounds wouldn’t be let in to the conversation.

          Some posters have annoyed me (as I’m sure I have them), but as I continued reading them, I understood their POV and sense of humor, etc. No one has ever annoyed me to the point where I wish they would go away and never come back. I like all you people!

          I understand why you want this feature, but I liken the issue to watching television: You can’t stop the commercials, but you can tune them out until the program comes back on.

          1. yeah, i don't like the idea of it either. Offensive posts yes (maybe), but stuff that just seems repetitive or sub-par....not so much. "oh you've said that before, *ignore* " Seems rather snobbish to me. Is it that hard to scroll past stuff you don't want to read ?