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Jul 30, 2009 06:24 AM

Recreating Jack in The Box Tacos

I've used the copy cat recipes from various on line sites to create jack in the box tacos at home. They do give me a fix for my craving, however I think the recipe could be perfected. One thing the copy cats call for is Oretega Salsa, is there another sauce/salsa that more closely resembles my memory of the JITB tacos from their stores, or is this the closest you can also think of?
The recipes also call for refried beans mixed into the beef, however the JITB indgredient list has a lot of soy fillers mentioned. I'd like to nail this down. Any suggestions?

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  1. How is the overall texture of the final product? Way back when, my neighbor worked for JITB and actually made all the tortillas for their tacos. He told me they are filled and frozen, then popped in the deep fryer when ordered. I haven't had their tacos in many moons, but I'm wondering if they are still prepared that way. I also remember that the JITB tacos of my youth had sliced American cheese food instead of real cheese.

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      They are deep fried from a frozen state when you go into the stores, and they do use American cheese. The recipes I've seen are similar, but the tortiallas are assembled and then deep fried fresh vs. frozen. I am hung up on getting the correct taco sauce.

    2. I don't think there are any beans in JITB tacos
      texturized soy protein perhaps

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        Correct, no beans, I think they use it in the recipe because it somehow tones down the beefy taste. Not sure how the soy would be, but it's something to try.

      2. I think Old El Paso taco sauce is pretty close to Ortega's.

        1. What do you use for the meat paste filling? I don't know how to get meat to look like a brown toothpaste.

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            You just keep mashing the chopped beef up until it smooth. The online recipe also calls for refried beans, so that gives a pasty effect to it.

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              Look in the prepared foods case in the grocery store for the tube of "Ground Me@t!" meat substitute, of course!