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Jul 30, 2009 06:10 AM

Can you share any good bakeries or pastry shops around the city?

Heading to NYC today for a couple days with the family to play tourist. Since we will be exploring the city, I was wondering if there were any good bakeries/pastry shops you would recommend?

We'll be staying on 3rd Ave (Courtyard Midtown East) and visiting Battery Park, Central Park, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, etc.

Love to hear peoples recommendations!

Thanks so much!

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  1. This thread should be a good start:

    Payard is probably mentioned, and it is closed.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      Seconding this link!

      And not all bakeries are good at all things, it really depends what you are looking for: cakes, cupcakes, pie, cookies, tarts, macarons, croissants...

    2. Big Booty Bread Co. is one of my favorites, but...
      ...What exactly are you looking for, i.e. cookies/cake/pie/cupcakes, etc.?

      1. Buchon Bakery
        10 Columbus Cir
        (212) 823-9364
        Veniero's for some italian pastry
        342 E 11th St
        (212) 674-7070

        1. If you like greek sweets, definnitely hit up Poseidon Bakery (in hells kitchen):

          Poseidon Bakery
          629 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036

          1. In the neighborhood of your hotel, there is an outpost of Crumbs, Dessert Delivery and Buttercup Bakery. Additionally there are a few Japanese bakeries such as Cafe Zaiya and Cafe Zest. Near Battery Park, there are raves for Financier, though I never saw what the fuss was about. Near Central Park you must try the Viennese pastries at Café Sabarsky or Demel. Near Rockefeller Center, you can check out Magnolia Bakery.

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            1. re: JungMann

              magnolia isnt good..i'd skip on the cake/cupcakes, but would DEFINITELY try the banana pudding!!
              Buttercup's cupcakes are slightly better. The cake is little more moist and the frosting is way better (especially on the red velvet.)
              Crubs I feel is better than both, just because again, the cake...Its not as dry.
              I'd stay away from anything with fondant on top though. the brownie, oreo cookie and peanut butter cup cupcakes are good.