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Jul 30, 2009 05:49 AM

Buffet Under $12 Toronto?

Hi there,
I'm looking for a dirt cheap buffet in downtown Toronto. Hopefully something that is not disgusting. I'm sort of surprised by the prices for mediocre buffets around here, so I figure maybe my best bet is to try somewhere cheap but mediocre and hopefully be pleasantly surprised.


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  1. The Indian buffets along Queen Street West (Trimurti, Little India) are quite good and $10.99.

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    1. re: canadianbeaver

      I second Little India's lunch buffet. It's got pretty good meat and veggie selection (though modest in number, quality is king).

    2. Ivory Thailand near Church & Richmond has a lunch buffet 7 days a week. I tried it back when it was $15 and it was excellent... now they have lowered the buffet price to $12.95 (I know, I know, it's 95 cents over your limit!) but I haven't tried it since then to say whether the quality and selection diminished along with the price. Could be worth a try, though.

      Ivory Thailand
      81 Church, Toronto, ON M5C1K9, CA