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Jul 30, 2009 05:14 AM

Sour Cherries & Curry Leaves in Calgary!?

Where might i find either folks?

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  1. Harvest Hills T&T had fresh curry leaves when I was there Tuesday. They also had fresh pandan leaves which they don't always have.

    I haven't seen anything but Bing cherries yet.

    1. If it's sour cherries in syrup you're looking for I've seen them at our Superstore(Coventry Hills) in the baking aisle by the pie fillings and if I recall correctly, both Lina's and the Italian Store carry them as well.

      1. Cookbook Co. has curry leaves, they may also have sour cherries.

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          I have gotten Curry Leaves at the Spice Rack in Delbrent mall.

        2. Sour Cherries:

          I am not sure how good this years harvest will be as our 6 sours were almost wiped out with the late snow/hail. So you may have a hard time finding them.

          1. Sour cherries from Matrioshka on 14 St. I have seen them in a number of small grocers, especially Polish/Ukranian/ Russian.