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Jul 29, 2009 07:36 PM

Yi Jia - pretty decent Taiwanese in Flushing

So I went to Yi Jia last sunday with some friends since I had a car again.

Yi Jia is on Kissena between 46th ave and Laburnum, across from the Golden Super Market and the sign is on the second floor, so you need to look up. There are two floors, definitely sit on the 2nd floor. The 1st floor looks like a typical dingy chinese restaurant, the second floor is much nicer, sort of dark and reasonably nice especially for a flushing restaurant. They have karaoke there, I think they actually had a hired singer, who was singing the whole time (she actually wasn't that bad).

The menu says its some sort of shanghainese menu, but the back half is all taiwanese dishes.

Here's what we got:
- liang ban huang gua (cold cucumbers): these were just so so. I thought they were kind of plain. Normally, they're in sesame oil, sometimes with chilis. These had some sesame oil, but they were sort of lacking any saltiness at all and just sort of tasted like cold cucumbers
- san bei ji (3 cup chicken): this was pretty good albeit a pain in the ass to eat. It comes in a clay pot and its pieces of chicken on the bone in a sauce made out of soy sauce, rice wine and sesame oil. It's a very classic taiwanese dish. The sauce was very good, not overly salty or gloppy or anything like that. The chicken was nice and tender. The only issue was the way it was cut was sort of hard to get at the meat.
- xiang gan rou si (shredded dried tofu and pork): my friend always orders it, she's obsessed with it. The version here is good although not my favorite, i prefer it spicier and its not that spicy here. It's shredded dou gan (a dried smoked tofu) and shredded pork that's been stir fried. Normally, they put some chili peppers in it which makes it better, they didn't really do that here which was my only real knock on the dish
- kong xin cai (water spinach, a type of chinese vegetable): this was very good, kong xin cai is a type of chinese vegetable that is sort of like spinach, but better. Served very simply sauteed in oil and garlic. Very simple, but executed very well
- chou dou fu (stinky tofu): this was decent, I don't think i've ever had a good version outside of street markets in taiwan, but this was massable. Hit it with some chili oil and put some pao cai (pickled vegetable) on it and it was good to go
- bao bing (shaved ice): surprisingly this place has the finest shaved ice i've had in NY, but a long shot, it was very powdery. The toppings we got were just ok though (red bean, green bean, condensed milk and black jelly)...if they had better toppings this would be the spot for shaved ice b/c the shaved ice is so much better than the other places

Overall, another pretty decent, but not great taiwanese restaurant in Flushing although I feel like there maybe other good dishes, my friend asked her mom and she said that it's "bu cuo", which literally means that its not bad, which coming from her means its pretty good for most people (very picky about taiwanese food)

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  1. love the last paragraph, doesn't "bu cuo" translate to your title, "pretty decent"? hahaha!

    good tip on the shave ice, will definitely hit that up; looks like you hit the classics; the place is very humble. they do some banquet-y stuff upstairs on occasion. how does this place rank in the flushing taiwanese listings? none are kick-ass unfortunately, and I still haven't eaten at red chopsticks or a couple of other places I've read about. but definitely I will hit this place up again for their shave ice.

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    1. re: bigjeff

      haha yeah

      it was sort of in-line with the other places they all seem to do some dishes reasonably well and others sort of mediocre (if you read my posts on the taiwanese places they are all sort of hit and miss on the dishes), i liked the san bei ji and the kong xin cai was very good. red chopsticks and the bian dang place are pretty much the only places i haven't eaten at yet. Btw my friend said the bian dang place is very good, she said they have some sort of niu rou fen that is awesome

      im sorta leaning toward just hitting the flushing mall when I want taiwanese as they serve the dished that i really like.

      i really wish the toppings were awesome b/c the shaved ice itself is really good