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Minado for a sushi virgin?

I've enjoyed sushi the few places I've had it and am trying to cajole a friend into trying it for a lunch or a dinner. Minado (never been there) would be a good meeting point for us and affords an opportunity to sample a bite of this and a bite of that rather than an order of several pieces of the same thing. The menu looks vast enough to provide plenty of other options in the event of a last-minute failure of nerve. I see on their site that dinner, which has a teppanyaki option, costs nearly double what lunch does. What's not clear is whether the offerings are otherwise more numerous or contain more pricey ingredients. Would the dinner experience be worth the premium?

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  1. The biggest difference is sashimi. They have it at dinner but not at lunch. However, in my opinion there sashimi is not very good. If time does not matter and you do not eat sashimi, then I would recommend going at lunch.

    I'm interested to see what others write about Minado. I have been about 10 times but the last 3 experiences were not that good and thus we are not in a rush to return. What was not good - was mostly the sashimi. We also believe the sushi quality has decreased but not as much as the sashimi.

    1. What's a minado, anyway? Sounds like a minefield.

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        i had to look it up -- it's in natick, lol. i'm never in the suburbs, but you might want to venture into the city for good sushi. they all offer cooked food, and there are cooked sushi options everywhere.

      2. Minado is really mediocre stuff. Although I don't mind their cooked food the sushi is meh. Why not start at the top:) FUGAKYU!

        1. I haven't been for lunch, but if I recall from conversations with friends who have, they don't have the grill / sautee station at lunch, and they generally have less options on the cooked food side. They also don't offer the crab legs.

          I agree that if you are looking to nudge someone into trying sushi, I'm not sure Minado would do the trick. Minado really is just passable sushi. I don't think a skeptic will be wow'ed by the food here. Fugyaku might be a little expensive for a first plunge, so I'd consider something like Sakura Bana in Downtown Boston with relatively more reasonable prices but also some good non-sushi items, and much better sushi quality.

          1. Well there's 2 schools of thought on this. #1 it's a good idea because they can try whatever they like and not feel bad if they don't like it, and there's plenty of other food they can eat as well if they don't like sushi. #2 is that the sushi is not very good and it might turn them off sushi forever.

            To be honest, the first few times I went there I thought the place was awesome, however each time after the low quality of the sushi became more and more apparent.. To be honest, they have some decent non sushi food as far as buffets go, but their pre-made sushi with low quality cuts of fish that sit out aren't very good.

            If you go, be sure to get some Beef Tataki, that's their best dish. I always fill up on oysters too.

            1. why dip your toe in with less than very good? oga is out that way too.

              1. I appreciate all the recs for the usual suspects as regards topnotch sushi, but was looking for specifics about Minado - thanks, debidokun and kobuta.

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                  I've been to Minado in Natick a few times in the last 3 years. I have to say I am a fan. It's lively, inexpensive for the quantity you can consume and it all tastes good.

                  Is it the best sushi in the state? No. Is it good enough that you won't leave thinking it's bad? Yes. Quantity over quality is a trade off I'm willing to accept the few times a year I venture to Natick.

                2. I've only been once, but I wasn't impressed. The day we went it was very crowded, and the all-you-can-eat crowd was a little unruly and downright rude. Example: whenever they would bring out crab legs or fresh oysters, it seemed like there was always someone who would grab almost the whole supply then bring back the spoils back to their table. The sushi was just ok. And the place is just vast and cavernous and cafeteria-like. And you might see some unhygienic behavior, e.g. customers who sample something by pinching a bit in their fingers, eating it, licking their fingers, then sampling something else with same fingers. I witnessed that.

                  If i was bringing someone out for sushi for the first time, i'd definitely opt for somewhere quieter with a better atmosphere where you could ask the staff a lot of questions. I also like Fugakyu. The Jae's in Brookline has always been good too (although I know others who've had mixed experiences there). Yokohama in Brookline Village was good too but I haven't been there in a while.