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Jul 29, 2009 06:55 PM

looking for south carolina bbq

detroiters road tripping from ashville to myrtle beach next week (08/05/09). traveling i-26 east to columbia then picking up i-20 east to myrtle. looking for good roadside bbq suggestions along the way.

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  1. Its slightly out of your way, but Scott's Variety Store in Hemingway, SC has gotten good reviews on this board. Be sure to check days and hours of operation first.

    1. Shortly after you get onto I-20 at Columbia and start heading East, you might want to try Lil Pigs BBQ. It's an All you can eat buffet. It's just behind the Blue Cross Blue Shield building on Alpine Rd.

      In Bishopville on I-20 you can try Watfords BBQ and Wards BBQ. They are both on Hwy 15 heading into town.

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        If the Ward's in Bishopville is anything like the one in Sumter, avoid it. While their hash and hush puppies are great, everything else (chicken, ribs, pulled pork) is bland and cooked in an oven.