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Jul 29, 2009 06:21 PM

Fisherman's Seafood Outlet - Downtown

Anyone know now the seafood cocktails and ceviche are at the Fisherman's Seafood Outlet? I am on a seafood cocktail and ceviche kick lately.

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  1. Are these the same people opening on Riverside near Dodger stadium?

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    1. re: cls

      I don't think they are...they're called Fisherman's Warehouse or something like that.

        1. re: ronsilverado

          I drive by there everyday and stopped looking to see what the progress is.

          1. re: monku

            My wrong....Franky & Johnny's Fisherman's Seafood Outlet

            1633 Riverside Drive
            Los Angeles, California 90031
            Phone: (323) 223-4740

      1. I haven't had either the cocktail or the ceviche, but the fried stuff is pretty good, the grilled as well. But it is a kind of hectic (at least on a weekend afternoon.) Vibeless outdoor seating, order at the counter and take your order to picnic table type of place (Picture Malibu seafood but with a view of a sort of east of downtown central warehouse situation.) While I'm sure their offerings would be fresh and not offend, it doesn't strike me as a real destination unless you were already downtown and had a hankering for fish and didn't want to pay McCormick and Shmick prices. They also have a small fish market on the premises if you want to take some home to do up yourself. I like it okay, and maybe it's my prejudice given the set up and the location, but I wouldn't think of it first for either of the dishes you seek.

        1. Never saw anyone eating one and until you mentioned it--- I didn't know they were on the menu. The price doesn't seem bad and they do have fresh seafood.
          Only downside is eating it out of a styrofoam container.

          1. Now I will qualify my commentary to the fact that I have never tried either the seafood cocktails or the ceviche, assuming this is the place on Central & maybe 6th Street, where you order at a counter, etc.
            But their seafood items that are fried are probably the worst things that any piece of seafood should have to endure. You want grease, you got grease, in spades.
            There is no redeeming value to any of their fried items, fries notwithstanding.
            But why would I think they would do your selected items any better?
            Good luck.

            1. i went recently and ordered the ceviche. it was pretty awful. it was skimpy on the amount of fish and had a ketchup-y taste. it was just not great. the ceviche at senor fish down the street is above and beyond better (and that ceviche is not out of this world - but it is quite good). also - the chips are not house made. they come in a homemade plastic bag and are like cheap tostito-like rounds.

              the lobster bisque was ok. nothing really great about it, but nothing wrong with it either.

              all the seafood is either grilled or fried. most people get it fried and it looks pretty awful in my opinion (not a fan of battered/fried foods). the grilled large prawns, however, looked amazing. they were huge and nice and had a nice char to them.

              also - totally unrelated to the seafood, the fries looked a little underdone and floppy. not sure if they take "well done" orders.

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              1. re: bu dat

                if you're looking for ceviche, best to make the trip down to mo chica by USC. theirs is, indeed, out of this world. as is everything else i've tried on the menu.

                1. re: ronsilverado

                  yes i've had mo chica's. 2 portions of it in fact!