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Jul 29, 2009 04:35 PM

Tubs Chilli in Culver City!

Anyone try this place yet, its been open since April or may on the west side in culver city. For chilliheads this beat the drive over the hill to Chillimysoul.

I had the steaktown chilli in a nice bread covered bowl for $5, excellent price an excellent chilli. I got samples of the 6 other chillis they have and they all rock. The menu is simple with all the chilis covered for taste, 1 steak, 1 ground meat, 1 ground turkey, 1 chicken, 1 veggie,1 patrons choice recipe chilli per month. A must side order is the Buffalo chips, which are golden fried potato slices w/ ranch dipping sauce. They remind me much of skakeys pizza mojo potatoes only more crispy. I ilke that the chillis all are made for the taste and have little or mild heat. If you want the heat they have a bottle hot sauce oil which will light up any of the chillis you order.

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      1. i've only tried their vegetarian chile.
        you are right in saying that it has 'little or mild heat.'

        imho, you would also be right if you were to say that it has 'little to no' flavor of any sort.

        i so wanted to like this place. . . . .

        1. Went for the first time today. I ordered the Steaktown Chili, it was ok at best. The quantity was the real joke. I paid $7.97 for a bread bowl and a drink. It was basically a toasted tortilla curled to fit a bowl and about a half a laddle of chili. Leave out the tortilla and for $8 give me a bowl of chili.

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          1. re: P Town

            although, as far as the food type goes, it's comparing apples with oranges,
            in terms of price/quantity and price/quality ratios
            this place does not stack up anywhere near nearby taqueria sanchez.
            the prices are higher
            the quality is lower (very bland. hardly any flavor of chilies at all)
            the quantity is minuscule.
            the seating situation is a joke
            they don't even have a restroom for patrons that eat at the restaurant.

            it's really too bad

            1. re: westsidegal

              It really is apples to oranges

              Taqueria Sanchez has a Carniceria to subsidize the restaurant. They have 2 locations 3 if you count Casa Sachez. One of which does not have a bathroom open to the public nor real seating of any kind. The other Taqueria being 3x bigger than Tubb's

              As for the flavor being bland I would suggest you go back and try the Chicken and Spurs, The Turkey Drive and The Smokin Pig. Then Make sure you add the Habenero oil to your taste. They purposefully make it not Spicy [Hot] for all the people who can't handle the Heat and there are many. But they offer the opportunity to make it as hot as you want.

              When I first went to Taquaria Sanchez they would hand me fairly bland tacos since when they looked at the burly Irishman I am thought I couldn't handle the heat so they handed me fairly bland tacos but after I started ordering Cabeza, they knew I could handle it and my Tacos Were great from then on.

              As far as Quantity, you order a small you get a small. I like the Small one Cup Serving which is Good for My Diet [and allows me to get the bread bowl which is somewhere between indian fry bread and a pita not a Tortilla] but if I want 3 cups of Chili I can order the rancher As for $5 being too much for a Small, go around the Corner and Down Culver to M Cafe de Chaya where smaller bowl of steamed veggies and tofu runs you $11

              It is not Gourmet or the be all and end all but it is reasonable and I happen to Like it.

              Just some thoughts

              - P.

              1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                I liked it! I had the Chicken and Spurs and my husband had The Smokin' Pig. We shook on the habanero oil and it was great! I agree that the potatoes were awesome.

                The owners are VERY nice. We ordered a root beer float for our family to share. Our ten-year old son doesn't like root beer and was complaining that he wanted plain ice cream, so the owner brought a bowl of ice cream over, no charge. It's a family run business with two teenagers/young adults running the front with big smiles on their faces.

                They told us that their business has tripled since the LA Times review. In this scary financial climate, I hope they make it. I wish we lived closer. I'm sure we would be frequent diners.

          2. Do they serve Chilli Cheese Fries?

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            1. re: mdpilam

              Not officially, but you might be able to convince them to make it since they have all the ingredients there (and you don't mind your fries being disk shaped).