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Oct 28, 2004 11:49 AM

Mascarpone's in Orange -- ISO Feedback

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We'll likely be in the Orange area next week & thinking about a medium priced Italian for dinner. Noticed Mascarpone's garners a stratospheric 27 rating for chow from Zagat at just $28 a head average cost. Any hounds tried Mascarpone's & if so what's your take?

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  1. It was OK, but have only been once. We like ALLEGRO better around the corner at 1160 N. Tustin.

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      the word girl

      Very disappointing chow...

      1. They are somewhat comparable(Allegro/Mascarpone's. Both are good, but not great. Mascarpone's has awesome wife-made cheesecakes (several she rotates). Allegro is (very) slightly more upscale with with a wider menu.

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          Geez, Zagat unreliable as SIV, whodda thunk it?

        2. where is it? also, are the cheesecakes really great there. also, what to order? if it's good, it's great to have a joint within a few blocks of me.

          1. Two years late coming to the party, but you've all have got to be kidding. They're chicken is dry and lacking, but any veal on the menu is fantastic. There's a three-four page menu. How is that not comprehensive? By far and away, the thing to get is the veal/gorgonzola ravioli in mascarpone sauce. In fact, anything in the mascarpone sauce is fantastic. Stick with the pasta, and you should not be let down. Especially the stuffed pastas. The only things I have been disappointed in are the chicken dishes and beef medallion dishes. Once they get to know you - cheesecake is more often than not comped. Pina colada, and apple pie cheesecakes FTW!!!

            It is on the south side of Katella, west of Tustin. It's in a nondescript brown strip mall with a Red Wing shoe store and nail salon in it. Go around back to park.